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“My feeling is this about the story of Nazism, Hitler and the Third Reich:  Until we actually face the truth about it all, we can never seriously correct the problems of the current day, nor can we ever fight Zionism, the New World Order and all of it’s manifestations until we recognize the truth about World War II.”

       – Michael Collins Piper –  1960-2015                             

Why do we need the truth about World War II?  Most of us, who grew up in the “winning” countries of WWII (America, Britain, etc.), were told that World War II was the “Good War”, or the “The Great Crusade Against Evil”.  We were also exposed to endless
episodes of the History Channel and dozens of war movies from Hollywood, all with the same message:  The Allies were courageously good while the Axis were inherently evil.  But is this really what happened, or just an example of, “The victors write the history books”?  I have found that the mainstream message about World War II is based not in truth, but in blatant misinformation, falsehood and outright lies.  The allies it seems, were ALL-LIES.
 Now it is true, that every country that goes to war seems to produce a certain amount of propaganda to mobilize the home population and rally them to fight.  World War II was no different, but what is strange is that it is still going on after 70+ years, as if the war never ended in 1945, why?  This is the question I asked myself one cold morning in February 2014.  What I found out amazed me and angered me.  It is my goal with this website to not only expose the lies about World War II, but to also answer this question.  It is also my hope that those who have suffered horribly during this conflict have a voice and are remembered, and never forgotten. This website is dedicated to all those who suffered and died on both sides in the most destructive event this world has ever seen.
Some of the amazing truths you will learn:
  • Adolf Hitler was not a communist or a Jewish agent, but a self-made man who actually tried to help the German people and restore their autonomy and dignity.
  • The NSDAP was created as a REACTION to Jewish power, that was destroying Germany during the Weimar republic in the forms of Communism, selfish capitalism and moral degeneracy.
  • World War II was fought to stop the spread of international communism, which was 100% created by Jews, they admit this themselves!  Don’t go to Wikipedia, they will just lie and tell you otherwise.  It is not an ideology of “utopia for all”, but rather a brutal way for Jews to consolidate power in a particular country and do what they like to do best: steal more wealth and murder white Europeans, which they did by the millions in Russia, Germany, Poland, etc.
  • Zyklon-B was used NOT to kill people, but to save their lives in the German labor camps where Typhus outbreaks were prevalent.
  • There is not one pamphlet, memo, writing, etc. by the National Socialists claiming that they wanted to exterminate or genocide Jews.  But, there are many books and quotes where Jews express their desire to exterminate, genocide, sterilize, or slowly weaken through race-mixing, white Europeans. And, they have done all of these things and continue to do them today.
  • Winston Churchill was a fat, drunk, cigar smoking homosexual, possible pedophile who was bought, sold and paid for by powerful Jewish interests in Great Britain.
  • Franklin Roosevelt was a crypto-Jew who was totally controlled by Jewish handlers in his cabinet who master-minded the U.S. entry into World War II.
  • Despite the thousands of alleged accounts of Holocaust survivors witnessing mass gas chambers, no blue prints or other evidence has ever been found that they existed during World War II.
  • More Germans died AFTER World War II than during the entire conflict.
  • Many alleged atrocities that were claimed to have been committed by the Axis Powers like the Rape of Nanking, the Holocaust, and the torture of allied POW’s, were actually committed by the Allies and NOT the Axis.
  • German propaganda actually told the truth but it appears that the Allies were ALL-Lies.
  • The SS was not a homogeneous fighting force of only blonde hair and blue eyed Germans, but it was instead a multi-national and multi-ethnic fighting force.
  • The invasion of Russia by Hitler was a preventive strike because Stalin was planning a major offensive into Germany and the rest of Europe. 
  • The powerful Jews that caused World War II to occur by manipulating the Allies to fight against Germany and Japan are the same “uber-Juden” who created the fake Corona virus pandemic and also fund and organize terrorist groups like Antifa in order to destabilize the world and bring about their new world order.

“Wahrheit verpflichtet, wer schweigt stimmt zu.”
Translation: Truth obligates; who keeps silent concurs.)

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  1. Is it a truth that they’re preparing for advent of Anti- Christ?

    What’s your take on this?

  2. There are a lot of valuable information on your website. I read a lot about WW2 in the past. I’ve never had the feeling that Hitler worked together with the elites. But why did he show a lot of freemason signs? Do you have an answer on that?

      1. That is by Henry Makow, JEW, and one of the worst dis-info agents. He has been around for a long time and will not admit the Holocaust is fake.

      2. Thanks, I don’t follow H. Makow anyway but some of the signs are real. I saw them on original video material.

        However the truth may have been – the most important subject for me is the century-long deception by the zionists.

  3. What do you think about the Racial Law? Is their purpose just to create the Germans as the Master Race? If the war were won and the whole world were one country, would every race be equal except for the Jews and a few races?

    1. The Germans never implied or said they were the master race, this is yet again more Jewish propaganda from Jewish supremacists. If so then why was the SS a multi-ethnic force?

    1. What about them? Weren’t the Germans allowed to protect their own race? Looking after one’s people is not racist it is common sense. Blacks are allowed to have their own race based groups, so are hispanics, etc., but whites are not, because they are a threat to Jewish establishment. The Nazis were not against other races like the Jews are, if you don’t believe me go read Jesse Owens writings on his experience in Germany. Hitler even waved to him from the stands but Roosevelt didn’t even invite him to the White House. The Nazis also had many ethnic groups VOLOUNTEER to join the SS to fight communism. Racial supremacy on the parts of whites is jewish myth. They are the real racial supremacists, just read the Talmud.

  4. Its the zionists the elites of Isreal that are evil, all countries have a deep state. Same evils in our world its not the ordinary people its the elites the 13 blood line families.

  5. It is sad to see how suppressed we are. Even history, science and language are regularly falsified to promote their agenda. Why do most people not notice whats going on? One of the worst things to experience is when members of your own people walk around repeating lies and are even emotionalized to defend them. It is then that you realize that in order to prove your point you have to teach them history, and a large amount of language manipulations, as well as the politics of “science”. All of this, goes against everything they have ever learned. For this reason they feel like they are right, because all media gives them the impression of overwhelming consensus – so you must just be some strange person with a wild imagination. It seams you can smear them the facts under the nose and they will still not get it. – Thank you for your work here.

    1. DBON, I agree with you 100%
      When horrors have been inflicted upon mankind by design, these events are always repeated through every media platform ad nauseam to embed them into the human psyche. They are always attached to emotional triggers (staged video clips) which create enormous frustration, anger, rage and violence in the population. Inevitably, there are many who act out maliciously which (again, by design) fuels and perpetuates the erroneous beliefs that divide us all.

  6. One only has to see events unfolding now to realise that the word has been lied to since Nuremberg about who the Fascists are👹

  7. Thank you for this website,
    My mother grew up in Danzig, my father in Silesia. They experienced both wars. My grandfather was an officer in the Kaiser’s army and my great grandfather was the pastor in St. Mary’s cathedral in Danzig. I was born while we were living in refugee camp in Goslar after the war. We (mother, father and 6 children) immigrated to America in 1951. My father used to tell us things about the war but of course what we were taught and what was portrayed in media was always the opposite. While in college I started to do my own research and came to the conclusion that my father was telling me the true facts of the WWI & WWII and that the truth has been suppressed from the whole world. . It is imperative, in our time, that the truth be known and proclaimed so that we can grasp what is happening today. until we understand what happened then we can never rightly understand what is happening now.
    As Jesus Christ came to reveal the Truth that saves over 2000 years ago, it is now also up to us to speak and reveal the historical truth in our own time. I’m praying for a Truth Revival.

  8. It’s really a shame you do not have information from Jim Condit Jr. listed here. You can go to hitlerdvd.com and also targetfreedomusa.com to find really interesting and hard to find information on the Holocaust there.

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