Dresden Remembrance Day: February 13-15, 1945

This weekend let us remember, and say a prayer, if you are so inclined, for all the innocent victims of the Allied terror bombing campaigns. I, personally will never forget what they did to so many innocent men, women and children, and I will continue to remind as many people as I can until the day I die. And, just because few others seem to acknowledge these facts, does not mean they do not exist, that is of course what the cowards who control the narrative, for now, want you to believe. We all know how good they are at remaining silent about the truth, while magnifying their lies. Dresden was the real holocaust, and probably the most cowardly act of evil ever to occur. May all those who planned and participated in this burn in an everlasting holocaust in hell.

Below you will find some recently discovered videos, as well as links to articles I have published in the past. Please take the time to watch a few, and read a few articles to remember the forgotten.

The Bombing of Dresden by BookAnon
Stop the Lies Part 13: Terror Bombing
Dresden: A Burnt Offering by Vertigo Politix
Victor Gregg Interview: Dresden was a War Crime
The Dresden Bombing
The Dresden Bombing in Color
Michael Collins Piper on Dresden


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