There are many great websites out there devoted to the truth about World War II (and I), here are just a few:

Committee on Open Debate for the Holocaust (CODOH)

Holocaust Handbooks

Holocaust Lies Exposed

History Reviewed

Wear’s War

The Barnes Review

Entity Art – WW2 & Hitler

Carolyn Yeager

Inconvenient History

The Bad War

The Impartial Truth

Tomato Bubble Archive

Ernst Zundel

Justice For Germans

Chuck Maultsby

Holocaust Deprogramming Course

Jim Rizoli: Holocaust Denier Extraodinaire

Jews Bomb Germany

What Really Happened?

David Irving’s Website

Michael Walsh

Institute For Research of Expelled Germans

The Scriptorium

Holohoax 101

Real History of WWII

Renegade Tribune

Hellstorm the Documentary

Institute For Historical Review

The Historical Tribune

Truth Will Out Radio

First World War Hidden History

Third Reich Books

JR Books Online

The Fascist Bostonian

The Political Hacker

The German Holocaust

German Propaganda Archive

German Propaganda Resource

Thomas Dalton

Robert Faurisson

Christogenea Mein Kampf Project

WW2Truth On Gab

WW2Truth on Instagram

WW2Truth on World Truth Video

WW2Truth on Bitchute

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  1. Clicked on the second or third link and got a blocker that said blocked for “inciting hatred”… so I can look at racist and sexist sites… but oh no.. (((they))) will only allow me a few morsels. Imagine my surprise.

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