The Invisible Critic Tells it Like it is Boys and Girls!

If you have not already done so, please check out the Invisible Critic on YouTube, here is his page: He is just starting out, but so far, he has some excellent videos debunking the fake history of WWII, and other politically incorrect topics: McCarthyism, Warren G. Harding, Global Warming, etc.  You can also support his … Continue reading The Invisible Critic Tells it Like it is Boys and Girls!

The Dresden Firestorm Massacre Was A Botched Allied Mission If The ‘Official’ Death Toll Is To Be Believed & The Victims Are Conveniently Vaporized From History

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

The incineration of large numbers of people in Dresden is also indicated by estimates of the extreme temperature reached in Dresden during the firestorm…

I saw the most painful scene ever… Several persons were near the entrance, others at the flight of steps and many others further back in the cellar. The shapes suggested human corpses. The body structure was recognizable and the shape of the skulls, but they had no clothes. Eyes and hair carbonized but not shrunk. When touched, they disintegrated into ashes, totally, no skeleton or separate bones.

I recognized a male corpse as that of my father.

Dresden montage 1


Many conflicting estimates have been made concerning the number of deaths during the raids of Dresden on February 13-14, 1945. Historian Richard J. Evans estimates that approximately 25,000 people died during these bombings.[1] Frederick Taylor estimates that from 25,000 to 40,000 people died as…

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Why The Truth About Britain’s Role In Fomenting WWII Will Remain Hidden & The Myth She Fought A Clean War Will Persist.

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2


The Lie:

Great Britain fought a clean war during World War II.

churchill crush germany

Screenshot_2018-07-15 Campaign Against AntiCaucasianism on Twitter Hermann Balck was one of Germany's greatest #WW2 general[...](1) “We will force Hitler into war, whether he wants it or not.”
Churchill 1936, From: Did Jews Fake Hitler’s “Master Race” Phrase To Create War?HitlerAppealToReason

The Truth:

In addition to ignoring all German efforts to make peace, Winston Churchill and other leaders of Great Britain began to conduct a war of unprecedented violence. On July 3, 1940, a British fleet attacked and destroyed much of the French fleet at Oran in southwestern Algeria to prevent it from falling into German hands. The French navy went to the bottom of the sea, and with it 1,297 French sailors. Churchill and the British government did not seem to mind that 1,297 of their French ally’s sailors were killed in the attack. This attack of the French fleet illustrates Churchill’s determination to continue fighting…

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The Hoax that won’t die How the World Jewish Congress invented the Holocaust Editor's Note:  If you don't know who Carolyn Yeager is, you should definitely check out her website at:  Carolyn has a lot of great articles, including this one, which focus on exposing the lies of the holocaust, Jewish intrigue, World War II and National Socialism.  My favorite part of her website is the … Continue reading The Hoax that won’t die How the World Jewish Congress invented the Holocaust