Essential Videos and Podcasts

WW2 Videos:

The Ultimate Red Pill
Adolf Hitler: The Man Who Fought the Bank
Hitler Vs. Rothschild
On the Accusation That Hitler Was Financed
National Socialism Vs. Freemasonry
German Soldiers Tell A Different Side of the Story
Other Losses by James Bacque
Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany
Living in Hitler’s Germany: A Letter from Hans Schmidt
Babylon Before Hitler
Herbert Smagon: The Dresden Holocaust
The Lion
What Really Happened in Dresden

Holocaust Videos:

The First Holocaust
The Last Days of the Big Lie
David Cole In Auschwtiz
Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed
The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax
U.S. Army Lies About the Holocaust
Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid?
Nordhausen: Epitome of the Big Lie
Ursula Haverbeck on the Holocaust
Fake Holocaust Pictures
David Irving Debunks the Holocaust in 3 Minutes
Not a Single Jew Died in a Gas Chamber


The Secret Behind Communism

WW2 Podcasts:

Benton Bradbury: The Myth of German Villainy
Mike King: The Bad War
Carolyn Yeager on WWII
Nicholas Kollerstrom: Breaking the Spell
Michael Walsh
Thomas Goodrich and Kyle Hunt: Hellstorm
David Cole on the Holocaust
Father Coughlin: Jews Support Communism
Deanna Spingola interviews Stephen Mitford Goodson: The History of the Central Bank and Slavery of Mankind
Eric Hunt on the Holocaust
Dennis Wise on Hitler and WW2
Ole Dammegard – Making Critical Thinking Illegal: Questioning the Holocaust
Jim Rizoli – What Really Happened at Auschwitz?
Mark Weber on the “Darkest Hour” and the Churchill Myth
Mark Weber: Christianity in Germany Part 1
Mark Weber: Christianity in Germany Part 2
Tomislav Tunic: Forgotten Ethnic Germans
Leon Degrelle on Hitler
Mark Weber: The Unknown Holocaust