Piles of Corpses at Dachau, Buchenwald Were Dead German Soldiers Staged for Propaganda by Jews in US Military

We are all familiar with the pictures and film footage of piles of dead “Jews” discovered at the liberated “death camps” Dachau and Buchenwald at the end of World War II, but what we were never told is that most of those corpses were actually dead German soldiers that were dumped there as part of an elaborate psy-op by British Intelligence, and many of those ghastly images were filmed by none other than horror film master, Alfred Hitchcock.

The following is an excerpt from the corroborated eye witness testimony of a captured German soldier:

In 1977, during a visit to New York and Cape May, I recounted the story of the trainload of dying German prisoners to two former US officers. They had both been stationed in Heidelberg shortly after the war and they knew all about it. They agreed that the cattle cars were filled with captured German soldiers who were infected with typhus and dysentery.

…On a sunny day in mid-June 1945, I hopped on a freight train and went to Erfurt. The train stopped about a kilometer and a half before the station, so I shouldered my rucksack and began walking toward the station. I soon noticed a freight train of about 20 cattle cars sitting on a side track. A bad odor was coming from that direction. As I came closer I saw hands protruding from ventilation holes and heard sounds of moaning, so I crossed several tracks and approached the cattle cars. The people inside noticed me and began crying “Water, comrade, water!” Then I reached the train and recognized the terrible stench of feces and rotting corpses. The sliding doors and ventilation holes were crisscrossed with barbed wire securely nailed. Urine and partially dried feces oozed from under the sliding doors and between the boards.

…They were in fact unwitting extras in a movie being made by Alfred Hitchcock, the Hollywood horror-film specialist. He had been awarded a contract to make a movie about concentration camps for the Nuremberg tribunal.

At night the dead prisoners would be unloaded at Buchenwald, Dachau and other concentration camps by those who were still alive. Hitchcock would then film them, depicting the heaps of corpses as victims of German atrocities. A large number of corpses were dumped at Buchenwald at night, and next day the citizens of Weimar were forced to walk past the heaps of rotting corpses and smell the sickening stench.

Some of them actually believed the American propaganda, that the corpses had been concentration-camp inmates. It was all filmed as part of Hitchcock’s movie. Afterwards the corpses were shoved into mass graves in the vicinity. That too was part of the script. This is the explanation that the two former officers of the US Army gave me concerning the trainload of dying German prisoners that I witnessed on June 16, 1945.

I certify that my testimony is a true account of what I myself have personally seen and experienced.

[Note: Alfred Hitchcock was persuaded by his friend and movie producer the British Jew, Sidney Bernstein, to leave Hollywood to assist on project “F3080.” F3080 was the name British Intelligence gave to a project to compile a documentary film on German atrocities.

The project originated in February 1945 in the Psychological Warfare Division of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force). Hitchcock was recorded expressing his primary concern that “we should try to prevent people thinking that any of this was faked.”]

German corpses at Buchenwald passed off as Jews

The testimony of the German soldier can be verified by multiple other witnesses, including British Ministry Of Information, which admitted that the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) would be involved in an ongoing anti-German propaganda campaign to distract the public from the horrifying atrocities committed by the Soviet army.

And Victor Cavendish-Bentick, the Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), in a handwritten note, written on Aug 27th, 1943, confirmed that the alleged mass murder of Jews in the so-called ‘death camps’ was indeed a psy-op:

We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and when we are found out the collapse of that lie is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare down with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.” [Public Record Office Document F0371/34551 revealed by Stephen Mitford Goodson, Inside the South African Reserve Bank]

Dead Germans from Rhine-Meadows death camp brought to Buchenwald

Of course, it would be very easy to confirm the ethnicity of the bodies in the mass graves at Dachau and Buchenwald simply by exhuming some of the bodies and running DNA tests on them.  Any simple DNA test could confirm that the remains were Jewish or German.  But as we know from all over Europe, Jewish groups have absolutely forbidden any of these “Jewish mass graves” to be disturbed because to do so would allegedly violate their “religious” beliefs, except where it’s convenient to them.

And now governments in America and Europe are spending tens of millions of dollars every year to make sure each and every impressionable school-age child is shown these faked images for one simple purpose: to transform the victimizers of World War II into the victims, to essentially illicit sympathy for the devil.

1945 U.S. Army Brass on Nazi Atrocities “I Swear”
Nordhausen: Epitome of the Big Lie
Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed

And here’s Hitchcock’s infamous fake-u-mentary:

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  1. The Outfits posing today as ‘Jews’ have a small problem with God Almighty.
    You see it was God Who selected Abram to become the blood line that would eventually produce the Saviour of mankind. But due to the wickedness of these people God chose to destroy His people. First the 10 tribes, they got dragged away by the Assyrians and then later after Christ had been born, died then raised ,the Jews, Levites and Benjamin were crushed by Titus in 70AD.
    This ‘Outfit’ today posing as ‘Jews’ are 100% fakes. They cloned a race of people they mixed with about 2500 years ago when king Nebuchadnezzar captured the Jews and enslaved them for 70 years. It was king Cyrus that released them to rebuild the 2nd temple. This ‘Outfit’ even followed the Jews to help them rebuild that temple but were shunned. God gave the temple rebuilding to His people, the remaining Israelites, not any one else.
    The entire Talmud, Ashkenazi Cabal is just a giant Global Mafia stealing billions from the US, UK and Germany while the world gets fed their endless BS. The Talmud is 100% pagan, the Outfits in Palestine are pagans, and the entire current ‘Jewish’ Trope is 100% pagan.
    The Star of David is pagan as are all the fake ‘Jewish’ festivals.
    God washed His Hands of the real Israelites 2000 years ago, they are long gone – finished.
    Jesus is the New Program. Salvation is only possible thru Him. Those who claim today to be ‘Jews’ and reject Jesus are the anti-Christ’s, only doom awaits them.
    The whole world has been conned by these merchants of filth and lies. When I was a young lad we called these clowns Yids. They spoke Yiddish. Real Jews spoke Hebrew not Yiddish.
    Yiddish is a corrupt Babylonian tongue, not derived from Hebrew at all.
    The Talmud is based 100% on man created myths and pagan rites, utter filth.
    They own the entire shop. The shop is 100% wrecked. The West is finished.
    Once that boat sinks they will shift their kit to the next opportunity and begin all over again.
    The Germans were the last nation free of these vipers. But these vipers deceived the rest of the world that Hitler was scum even though Stalin and the British were themselves murdering millions within their own Empires. The Holocaust did happen during WW2, it happened to the Germans and Japanese. The Germans and Japs were fire bombed for over 3 years. Millions of babies, kids, women, the aged, the sick were all cooked alive by millions of incendiary devices. They were dropped for one single purpose. To murder as many civilians as possible. Dresden and Tokyo were the Climax of these products. Bodies were sucked 100’s of yards into the sky. Bodies melted into concrete. I’m 100% certain no one learned this history in schools, I wonder why?

  2. Here’s the problem, Jewish influence over, and sometimes outright control of information, for so long means very few people will ever get the chance to hear the truth, and even the few who do, most will not believe it. How can they believe it? How can everyday people possibly comprehend the scale of these lies? Even if one opens one person’s eyes, after a few weeks of mainstream media they are back believing the lies!

    We must continue to undermine the mainstream media at ALL COST. Finding new ways to open people’s minds to the truth. Different strategies must be formulated for different groups. Waking up someone who leans left, will need a different approach than to someone who leans right. What will appeal to an East Asian will be different to a Black person, and different from a White person, and the subgroups within these larger groups. People must first see the Jewish issue, then they can understand the behaviour of these people and the lies, but they must be shown how it damages their own groups.

  3. I just so happened to stumble upon this yesterday, life is cool.

    This is the text of the letter from the British Ministry of Information:

    And this is the book where it comes from, page 209.

    They don’t give a damn about the truth, sometimes I think we’re wasting our time. Maybe when all the survivors liars are gone things will be easier.

  4. It’s good that there are people out there who fight back the worldwide zionist mafia.
    If you haven’t read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, you should consider to read it. He took over a 6-people-party and beat an army of aggressive marxists with – at it’s peak – 6 million party members in Germany alone.

  5. Just take a quick look at the photos & you can logically deduce that they are in fact German soldiers.

    1) They’re all fighting aged men, it’s not a mix of men, women, & children of varying ages as would have been the case if they were Jewish victims of the camps.

    2) Zooming in, you can pretty clearly see German/European facial features.

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