Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the ‘Holocaust’. Why?

Original Source: This doesn't look like extremist hate speech to us. Judging from these blurbs and titles, it looks like pretty balanced and fair discussion of a very serious, and vehemently disputed, allegation. The first one in the list below even presents both sides of the argument in an attempt to get to the bottom … Continue reading Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the ‘Holocaust’. Why?

Why Hitler Declared War on the United States

By John Wear, Original Source: Establishment historians state that Adolf Hitler made a mistake when he declared war on the United States. For example, British historian Andrew Roberts wrote:[1] “It seems an unimaginably stupid thing to have done in retrospect, a suicidally hubristic act less than six months after attacking the Soviet Union. America … Continue reading Why Hitler Declared War on the United States



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D Day June 6

The meme created by country music star Robert Edwards puts the D-Day Landing into perspective free of the victors spin. The graphic depicts a scene from the Normandy Landings. The Allied invasion of Europe began at 6 am on the 6th day of the 6th month (1944).  Much has been made of the timing of the landings translating into 666 as being the mark of Satan.

The prominent Jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal, before he was assassinated by MOSSAD, reminded Jews everywhere: ‘Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we are his Chosen People’.

The Robert Lloyd meme’s…

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Revisiting the “Good War’s” Aftermath: Emerging Truth in an Ocean of Myth

The following article was written by Dwight D. Murphey, after he reviewed the book: After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation by Giles MacDonogh.  After reviewing the book, he was so moved by the research of the author that he decided to investigate further.  The following is his review, and own insights … Continue reading Revisiting the “Good War’s” Aftermath: Emerging Truth in an Ocean of Myth

Expanded WearsWar Review of Joseph W. Bendersky’s Book: The “Jewish Threat” & The Irony Of Declassified U.S. Intelligence Dossiers & Antisemitism In The Military

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

This article expands on the introductory review of The “Jewish Threat” by Joseph W. Bendersky.

DUJthJJUMAEiC0c.jpg largeDuring the 1920s, File 245 contained letters between officers, secret agents, state secretaries, and embassies abroad exchanging the latest information on Jews… much more concern was displayed toward Jewish refugees and immigration to the United States. Certain prominent American Jews, including Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, and Rabbi Stephen Wise, were considered sufficiently important to warrant individual scrutiny. Most incredible, though, were lengthy, meticulously documented reports such as “The Power and Aims of International Jewry.”

The “Jewish Threat” Book Review

The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army by American historian Joseph W. Bendersky is a well-researched book that documents that many people in American military intelligence believed in an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. In fact, many officers in the Military Intelligence Division (MID) were saying…

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The Jewish Hand In the World Wars

After writing his revisionist bestseller Debating the Holocaust back in 2009, Dr. Thomas Dalton began investigating the issue of Jewish power and influence in western society, resulting in a series of two articles on "The Jewish Hand in the World Wars". He has now turned these essays into a book so that he can reach out to an … Continue reading The Jewish Hand In the World Wars

What They Did to Nazi Germany was Simply Horrible

Above Image: In a painting by a German artist of the time, innocent civilians and war refugees get turned to toast in Dresden by the allied firestorm bombing in February, 1945 when the war was pretty much over. About 130,000 people died horribly for absolutely no reason. Up to a million German civilians might have … Continue reading What They Did to Nazi Germany was Simply Horrible