What Happened To The Inmates Of The Aktion Reinhardt Transit Camps Of Treblinka, Belzec & Sobibor in Poland? Can The Allies Version Be Trusted?

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What Happened to Jews Not Gassed in the Aktion Reinhardt Camps?

Establishment historians state that all Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor in Poland were exterminated. It is claimed that a handful of strong young Jews were temporarily spared to keep the camps running. All other Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps are claimed to have been immediately gassed upon arrival without registration.[1]

In his book Holocaust, historian Peter Longerich states that 1,274,166 Jews had been killed in the Aktion Reinhardt camps by the end of 1942. Longerich bases his statement on the fact that the Höfle telegram shows that this many Jews had been sent by then to the Aktion Reinhardt camps. Longerich assumes that every Jew sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps was murdered.[2]

I have written an article explaining why the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps…

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The Tyranny of World War II

Editor's Note:  The following chapter was taken from the excellent book: The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve.  I am not familiar with the author, Brian O'Brien, a possible a pen name, but it is a great overview of the federal reserve, banking, and the disastrous affects it has created in our society.  Although the author … Continue reading The Tyranny of World War II



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“The sacking of Germany after her unconditional surrender will go down in history as one of the most monstrous acts of modern times.  Its excess beggars description and its magnitude defy condemnation.” – Ralph F. Keeling. Institute of American Economics.

By late 1944, the leadership of the Reich, soon to be overwhelmed by the combined armies of the Soviet, British and American Empires realised that from as early as February 1943 the Soviets had established the Trophy Brigades approved by Washington DC and Downing Street.

The purpose of the Trophy Brigades was to identify and to manage German plunder and to transport to the Soviet Union everything from domestic goods, the entire contents…

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