Hitler’s War Against Freemasonry: Banned in 40+ Countries on Youtube

As soon as Hitler came to power in Germany on January 30,1933 he ordered that several anti-Masonic pamphlets be printed by the government and circulated among the citizenry. Among these official Nazi documents were: “Annhilation of Freemasonry”, “Freemasonry, Marxism, and Judaism: The Cause of War”, and the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

On April 7, 1933 Hermann Goering, one of Hitler’s top deputies (who had once considered becoming a Freemason) held an interview with Grand Master von Heeringen of the “Land Grand Lodge of Germany” and told him “there is no place for Freemasonry in Nazi Germany.”

According to Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia, there were 638 Masonic Lodges in Germany in 1933 with 80,000 members, working under authority of 10 Grand Lodges. The largest of these were the Grand Lodge of the Three Globes, the National Grand Lodge of all German Freemasons, and the Grand Lodge Royal York of Friendship.

The Enabling Act (Ermächtigungsgesetz in German) was passed by Germany’s parliament (the Reichstag) on March 23, 1933. Using the Act, on January 8, 1934, the German Ministry of the Interior ordered the disbandment of Freemasonry, and confiscation of the property of all Lodges (including all libraries and Masonic artifacts) ; stating that those who had been members of Lodges when Hitler came to power, in January 1933, were prohibited from holding office in the Nazi party or its paramilitary arms, and were ineligible for appointment in public service.

In 1934, Hermann Goering, as Premier of Prussia, ordered the dissolution of the three Masonic Grand Lodges in Prussia, the oldest and most influential in Germany. They were the Christian Grand Lodges, The Grand Lodge of the Three Globes, All German Freemasons, and Royal York of Friendship.

The following book, “World Freemasonry Unveiled” was published in National Socialist Germany, and was a compilation of extremely popular articles published in Der Aufbau magazine. It was translated by V.K. Clark and is very rare and hard to find unfortunately. It is not very long, but exposes the evil’s of free-masonry in a very thorough manner.

On August 8, 1935, as Führer and Chancellor, Adolf Hitler signed a decree demanding the immediate arrest and imprisonment of all persons who had not resigned from Masonic societies. All who were suspected of being Masonic leaders were executed, while mere members were jailed. The same evening of Aug 8, 1935 Hitler had announced in the Nazi Party newspaper, Voelkischer Beobachter, the dissolution of all Masonic Lodges in Germany. The article accused the Fraternity and World Jewry of conspiracy in seeking to create a “World Republic” (New World Order).

“I believe today that I am acting in the name of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews I’m fighting for the Lords work.” – Adolf Hitler – March 15, 1936

“Last week armed German police smashed their way into Berlin’s B’nai B’rith lodge, arrested the members, and cleared out the premises… ” – Time Magazine – May 3, 1937

In 1937 Joseph Goebbels inaugurated an “Anti-Masonic Exposition” to display objects seized by the state… Anti-Masonic Museums and displays were publicly opened in all countries under Nazi regime. Freemasonry was banned by edict in all countries that were either allied with the Nazis or under Nazi control, including Norway and France. Anti-Masonic exhibitions were held in many occupied countries.

“To strengthen his (the Jew) political position, he tries to break down the racial and civil barriers which still restrict him wherever he goes and which hamper his advancement. For this goal, he fights with all his native stubbornness to champion religious tolerance. Freemasonry has fallen entirely into his hands and through it, he has found an excellent instrument to fight for his purposes openly or gain them by secrecy. Governing circles, as well as the higher levels of the political and economic privileged class, have fallen into his Masonic trap without them even realizing it.” – Adolf Hitler – Mien Kampf (Ford Translation) – Ch. 11 (p. 209)

This movie, made in 1943 France, but supported by National Socialist Germany, exposes how politicians are coerced into joining free-masonry as the only way to move up the ladder of success.
Hitler’s War Against Freemasonry

source: https://archive.org/details/Video20181221005151642ByVideoshow

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  1. I witnessed an American bomber dropping out of formation on Easter Day 1944, over Marienburg, West-Prussia, flying north towards the Baltic. The attack came from a vertically rising German jet that went through the formation. The crippled aircraft flew on for a while at a descending angle of about 30 degrees to its
    original flight pass, then approximately over Dirschau, I surmise, the plane went vertical down. I saw one
    parachute. The display of people dying upset us 14 years old girls and boys and has stayed with me into
    At that time we hardly got a feel for the war as East Germany lay way out of reach for most bombers. Danzig, (now Gdansk) my home town was bombed only once or twice, a sting only. Gotenhafen (now) Gdynia, was most likely hit only once, the bombs falling on the town not on the ships. I was there within 3 hours of the daylight bombing, helping to lay telephone cables from the hospital to some administrative building. The cable spool on my back weighed more than I, and when I tried to cross a bomb crater and ducked a little on the slope, the iron frame with the spool rolled forward over my head, pulled me down in to the wet pit and pinned me down. I was rescued only when the connection had not been established and someone went out and followed the wire. Later everybody laughed and one boy said: “Na, der Ivan hat es wieder einmal geschafft!” As much as “Ivan has done it again, as usual.” I also lugged a “helper-in-need”
    a field telephone, but that landed in the mud and could not be found.

    1. The concentration camps I assume were a false flag in order for the U.S military to gain pulic support in their misled reasoning for invading the German Nazi’s ?

  2. The video is similar to the third part of “Communism by the backdoor” but not quite the same. There are additional information in this one and more of the whiny freemasons.

  3. The quotes I read on this page which are attributed to AH can hardly be believed to be authentic. They are obviously fake and written by someone who hopes they pass off. The Donald is the literal and actual reincarnaion of AH who served/serves the very same reincarnated A$hk3n4zi supremacists as he did then. True story. AH was a Rotheschild, homies. HOw much you wanna bet DT ends up on a throne in Jerusalem?

      1. maybe so, but many things are aligned with Hitlers grandmother was a made in house of baron Von Rothschild and later his father Aloise was born during her work there

      2. if Hitler’s real aim was to thwart the Jewish bankers, he would have invaded England not Russia. and secondly many of his blunder decisions directly influenced the outcome of the war even his generals warn him many times about his mistakes he refused them all …..what are your thoughts on that? Tnx

      3. He had no choice, Stalin was mounting a huge offensive into western Europe this is why they captured over a million pows because they were all on the front line, and thousands of military equipment. Hitler made no blunders, other way around. Look at a map of the US, the USSR, the British Empire, and you will see Germany was always outmatched.

    1. What?! that same old dried up OSS turd shikelgruber fable? The Bible says “do not believe in Jewish fables.” You realize the town in Australia where Hitlers grandparents lived had banned jews from its city walls since the 1400s right? And your pathetic cia expects gullible fools to believe one of the most prominent Jewish families happened to have an estate there? Where jews could be imprisoned for trespass? You know it has come out that the Austrian chancellor paid for that pathetic libel and it is the reason the ss executed him when Hitler had only ordered his arrest. For spreading deliberate Jewish lies. The men stood in front of the man denying him medical care so he would slowly bleed out. You can “fact check” if you don’t believe it. Shikelgruber fable is even more weak than the other outrageous slander but a fine example. All the crimes and satanic fury of Stalin and the bolsheviks has been placed on Hitler, in typical Jewish victim blaming fashion. Everything the media says about Hitler, is actually true of Stalin and the cccp. There is not one shred of actual evidence, or FACTS, to support your claims. If they were true, they would not have to so desperately create fabrications and fables out of thin air. They would simply produce the evidence… Which there is none

  4. But why take all the scientists from germany in ops “paperclip” so they can work for the same masonic and satanic cult to continue to lie to people if they were against them? I am new to this knowledge about Hitler and WW2 even tho I found out many other things and who runs this world and all the deception and conspiracy behind it, just had not the time to dive into world wars until now. I shared some of your pictures on my facebook account and was banned immediately for ever !!! – and that says a lot . Were rockefellers and rothschilds really funded Hitlers army with oil etc….? Thank you

    1. German scientists were told to go to the U.S. as an indentured servant or go to the Gulag. They had no power, rights, so the 4th Reich theory is a joke. The third Reich actually never surrendered, and may still be in South America and Antarctica. Read some more articles on my site and you will start to see how much you were brainwashed with Jewish lies. It took me several years. Rothschild did not find Hitler. Read A History of Central Banking, The Bad War and the Myth of German Villainy.

      1. And may I add:

        • Tim Tzouliadis – “The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia”. This gives a wealth of information and researched facts – names, dates and events – of the horrors of Stalin’s Gulags and the Jewish NKVD death squads. He goes off script a few times by emphasising that the death of a few Jews (political rivals) was a Stalin ‘anti-semitic’ campaign and at the height of the Stalin atrocities and genocide of tens of millions of Russian – mostly White Christians and up to 85% workers and peasants, mostly in the 1930s BEFORE WWII – he will throw in a line like “oh just like Hitler” – probably his ticket for publication.

        A copy here for example but I have my own.https://celz.ru/tzouliadis-tim/page,1,248534-the_forsaken_an_american_tragedy_in_stalins_russia.html

        • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – “The Gulag Archipelago” – self explanatory (links can be found)

        • Hitler’s own speeches – for example https://nseuropa.blogspot.com/2013/04/normal-0-21-false-false-false-bg-x-none.html

  5. Intrigued as to why I cannot contribute with positive, reinforcing comments – perhaps no links allowed, so this is a test …

    And may I add:

    • Tim Tzouliadis – “The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia”. This gives a wealth of information and researched facts – names, dates and events – of the horrors of Stalin’s Gulags and the Jewish NKVD death squads. He goes off script a few times by emphasising that the death of a few Jews (political rivals) was a Stalin ‘anti-semitic’ campaign and at the height of the Stalin atrocities and genocide of tens of millions of Russian – mostly White Christians and up to 85% workers and peasants, mostly in the 1930s BEFORE WWII – he will throw in a line like “oh just like Hitler” – probably his ticket for publication.

    • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – “The Gulag Archipelago” – self explanatory

    • Hitler’s own speeches 1922 – 1945

    1. Yes, it appears to be the links that I cannot post so will try and embed/disguise them –

      A copy of Tzouliadis here for example but I have my own.(prefix with “https://”


      Ditto with Hitler’s speeches


  6. That film is archetypal Allied propaganda. Loved “Hitler would have done this in Britain blah blah blah” except of course Hitler had no plans to attack Britain but when did the Truth get in the way of a good fiction.

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