The Shock of Awakening

Editor’s Note: The following was submitted by Robert Penman, from Australia. Robert has been corresponding with me for the past several weeks, mainly sharing his brilliant art work that he has allowed me to use in the articles I post here. On this 75th anniversary of VE Day I thought it would be a nice idea to present to you Robert’s personal account of how he finally learned the truth. Most of you will be able to relate, because I am sure we all have similar stories (mine began after I read Benton Bradbury’s “The Myth of German Villainy” in 2014). Of course, the same lies that were propagated five years ago for the 70th anniversary have already been repeated this time around, and we have heard it all before. Thankfully, people are waking up all the time, like Robert and myself, one by one, to discover the ACTUAL history of World War II! If you have a story you would like to share, please send it to me and I will post it here. As Robert stated to me, personal stories are very powerful because they really help people relate to one another and let them know that they are not alone. So, on this 75th anniversary let us remember ALL those who died in this horrible conflict on the European continent and pray that the truth will one day reach EVERYONE, God Bless!

For most of us having long held beliefs challenged can be difficult, having someone present you with very persuasive evidence that what you held to be true is wrong can be much harder to come to terms with.  Yet there is another level of discomfort and that is to discover that the bases of very important historical events that you, your parents, grandparents, friends were brought up to believe were lies, that is something that pulls the rug out from under you. 

In late October or early November 2018 for whatever reason, probably because of my interest in history and a need to understand why this world is the way it is, I stumbled upon a view of recent world history that hitherto I had only heard hints of.  I am not somebody particularly interested in “conspiracy theories” and the like and know that the internet has given voice to every bizarre type of theory and thought.  However when I found links to sites from researchers and historians backed with vast amounts of primary evidence regarding subjects most of us thought we knew, I was intrigued.

The subjects in Question:

  • The origins of Communism
  • Capitalism and International Banking
  • Zionism
  • Jewish Influence on the above three issues
  • Adolf Hitler
  • National Socialism (“Nazis”)
  • Germany
  • The First & Second World Wars
  • Winston Churchill
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • The “Holocaust”
  • Control of Hollywood and mainstream media

The things I found out from these historians, researchers and documentary makers was of such a shock, almost everything we have been led to believe about The Second World War, Hitler, National Socialism and so on were mixture of lies, half truths and wartime propaganda that had never been turned off!

When watching two particular documentaries, “Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told” and later “Europa – The Last Battle”  there were periods where I could not talk to express to my wife, who was watching along side me, the shock at what I was hearing and seeing.  After watching an episode I had to leave the room and sit by myself I was devastated, heartbroken and angry.  In the weeks and months that followed I tracked down everything I could to read on the subject, spending many late nights studying.

I went through sleepless nights trying to come to terms with it all.  Many thoughts ran through my head, I felt incredible sorrow for the German people for what was done to them, the lies that are still told about them, and about how Hitler is seen and has been presented by the mainstream for decades.  I felt sick to thing that people in English speaking nations were conned into siding with Stalin to destroy what the German people had built and kill millions of them in the process.   However I would go through all the sleepless nights again to know what I now know.

After, I was filled with a consuming desire to inform as many people as I possibly could about what I had discovered.  I do what I can by creating infographics promotional images (these are just a sampling of my work) to get people thinking and to wake up to the truth.

To conclude with I will relate something from my past.  In the 1980’s I knew an old German chap called Bill.  Bill was born in Berlin in 1931 and lived through a many of the events these historians write about.  He told me things regarding Hitler and National Socialist Germany, which I at the time I put down to him having been “brainwashed”, I now find out he was telling the truth as much of what he told me was confirmed in what I have recently found out.  I now wish I had listened far more carefully to the things he told me.

8 thoughts on “The Shock of Awakening

  1. World War Two was a most unnecessary war, but, once it started, I’m afraid we fought on the wrong side..

  2. Bonjour! Je vous ecrit de Roumanie. Votre site est un de plus importantes pour moi, une source credible des informations. J’ai publie le lien sur Facebook et ils m’on toujors bloque. Ca fait environs 4 ans que j’ai commence a decouvrir sur l’internet l’histoire ecrite par les revisionistes. Maintenant je sais que l’Allemagne a ete victime et non pas agresseur comme nous dit l’histoire oficielle menteuse. Si j’aurais vecu a cette epoque la, je crois bine que je m:aurais rendu volontaire dans l’armee allemagne, comme d’autres l’ont fait. Dans mon pays il n’y a pas beaucoup des historiens qui ose de dire la verite. Mon pays est sou occupation juife. Mass media est juife avec petites exceptions. J,aimerais si possible de lire sur votre site a propos de Roumanie et les guerres mondiales, le pacte Ribentrop-Molotov etc. J’essaie toujours de partager avec d’autre roumanis, la verite de l’histoire, mais ce n’est pas facile apres 70 ans de lavage de cerveaux. Mais quand meme je remarque avec joie que la verite se repand peu a peu. Ca fait beaucoup des annees que je me suis pose la la question, pourquoi toujours de films avec “des allemagns stupides et americains inteligents”? Maintenat je comprens la publicite menssongere de Holywood. Grace a des sites comme le votre, je reussis maintenant de pouvoir separer les sittes revisionistes de ceux de propagande juife. Je vous remercie pour votre traval.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment!!
      I took the liberty of translating
      your comment for our non-French speaking readers:
      Hello! I am writing to you from Romania. Your site is one of the most important to me, a credible source of information. I posted the link on Facebook and they still block me. It’s been about 4 years since I started to discover on the internet the history written by the revisionists. Now I know that Germany was a victim and not an aggressor, as the story of an official liar tells us. If I had lived at that time, I think I would have volunteered in the German army, as others have done. In my country there are not many historians who dare to speak the truth. My country is under Jewish occupation. Mass media is Jewish with small exceptions. I would like to read on your site if possible about Romania and the world wars, the Ribentrop-Molotov pact etc. I’m still trying to share the truth of the matter with other Romanian people, but it’s not easy after 70 years of brainwashing. But still I note with joy that the truth is spreading little by little. It’s been a lot of years since I asked myself the question, why always films with “stupid Germans and intelligent Americans”? Now I understand the false advertising of Hollywood. Thanks to sites like yours, I am now able to separate the revisionist sites from those of Jewish propaganda. Thank you for your work.

  3. Yes money is the power that controls every aspect of our existance.. so”… logic says to me; we need to reverse this with that exact philosophy “National Socialism” which is, and always will be toxic to the money changers/well poisoners which is the reason why 24/7/365 days a year they feed us “hate” for that “philosophy” incase the sheep get onto the interest free banking system that the National Socialists enjoyed from 1933 that triggered WWII, well before the physical war was declared on them in 1939.


    “All European nations need an economy of “Autarky” being a closed economy for self-sufficiency, a protectionist economy which can, if needs be, temporally cease to trade with the outside world until it has reinvigorated internally it’s own industrious, in house economy of “labor and production” which propagandists (WWII victors within their zio-controlled literature) allude to (deflective intent) as being a Marxist doctrine which is the complete opposite to the reality that “Autarky” is the “unspoken of antithesis” to ((their NWO))).

    “Autarky” belongs to a nations last line of defense who’s social-conscience inspires the stance of Nationalism against economic and, or warring aggressors (all wars are bankers wars) who have passively created this Marxist need and greed, self-absorbed, “mummy state dependency” where the wielding baton of submissive guilt policy, statute rules and, regulations have caused the reduction of birth rates, killed off agrarian production and local-ism, as well as small/medium industry, faith and culture, and in its wake made us all demographically vulnerable to their stampede of capricious, grudge-bearing invaders who in ignorance, spurred on by zio-Marxists, are themselves clambering onto the same usury road to misery.
    Once again it’s not hard to deduce from all the cohen’cidental patterns that these unconscionable Jews have had an intoxicating influence within the Christian bible, still in its infancy this 2000 yr old submissive dogma has allowed them to plagiarize and achieve supremacy over the goyim, having construed and distorted “ancient” prophetic script in a dialectic, which shows us (the capable, spiritual Europeans, and our achievements) as the pariah over humankind and sees the Jew as the selective “dower” by legitimizing their usury scam. Once done, it only took a mathematical equation to conclude a global outcome for themselves using the guise of prophecy to deceive goyim/animals.

    Securing “the Shetar” within all guest nations out in their diaspora was another positive “increment” and by “accretion” supremacy was guaranteed by proxy, the crest wave arrived once a homeland “Israel” and two concepts had been secured within its Zionist politics “anti Semitism” and the fictional “6m” both secured into law, the two main conceptual scams that their agents out in their diaspora lobby into patent within guest puppet nations which has helped clear a route for their zio-Marxist, racially driven foot soldier, goy proponents who help secure Usury while rolling out “internationalism”.”They know if their COVID19 planned’emic fails to work by taking Europe or Britain into insolvency a Gottfried Feder system of Autarky is close which will reconfigure the world and respective national debts back to nil which brings all their plunder back into the equation to be redistributed back to its rightful owners ……Us! and they will be put on trial for mass murder for wars and genocide.
    Bankruptcy is their objective and Jew plunder because Jew receivers scramble to be your official so they can reconfigure a book keep back to naught. In doing so they end up with the total amount of the numerical figure that triggered the bankruptcy. In other words the Jew Bank of England and Fed share out the spoils with their brethren and a new cycle of fiat money is returned to the stock market e’con’no’money. Bankruptcy is our friend but the Jew nose we don’t understand how to securitise it. But show me a leader or political party/movement advocating a distinctive remedy such as this which is, and always will be within reach and a proven template.

    #PeterQuiggins #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL #Handsometruth #COVID19  #CORONAVIRUS #5G #petercooneyenabler

  4. Mike King, in his banned classic and masterpiece, The Bad War – The Truth Never Taught About WWII, says in his preface or introductory remarks, that the problem with the story you have been told about the “good war” is that it is all a lie. Note that Amazon and YouTube banned many titles of books and videos, and took down documentary videos that expose the official holocaust tale for the hoax and swindle that it clearly is. The public is not allowed to know the truth about the war or about the so-called holocaust. But, it is important for us to know the truth if we are ever to throw off the yoke of the Judeos (Jews) who rule over us.

    Wow. The artwork at top of this post is great!! The tomorrow that was not to be. Very well done. More people need to see things like that.

    The real holocaust was what was done to the German people, both during and especially after the war. A day does not go by without me thinking of the terrible crime of destroying a fine, cultured, inventive, industrious people, who only wanted peace and to determine the direction of their national life and their culture (free from Jewish influence and control). And, as to the official holocaust tale, it is a case of accusatory inversion, whereby the Jews accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. World Jewry succeeded in forcing war on to Germany in 1939. The Jews are not victims, but are villains!!

    1. Well stated Larry! It is amazing how many holocaust videos have been taken down on Youtube. That is where many of us learned the truth. Bitchute is thankfully taking that place. Let’s hope it stays strong!

  5. If interested, two titles can be got on the internet which I believe are must-reads if you are at all interested in the National Socialist Era. These titles are ‘The Forced War: When Peaceful Revisionism Failed,’ by David Hoggan and the Two Volumes of ‘Churchill’s War,’ by David Irving. ‘Churchill’s War,’ both volumes can be downloaded from David Irving’s Website. David Hoggan’s book is a free internet archive download.
    Hitler’s great crime was taking Germany out of the clutches of the Central Bankers and the influence of the International Jew-run Media. He also stopped the Frankfurt School, the Cultural Marxist education system from taking root in the Reich.

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