On the 75th Anniversary of the Dresden Holocaust, 100 Year Old Survivor, Victor Gregg, Still Telling His Story

If you have never heard of Victor Gregg, get his book or better yet if you have Audible, get the audio version where the former British soldier and prisoner of war, reads parts of his own account of what actually happened during the terrible raids on Dresden by allied bombers, 75 years ago. Here is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1448217482/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

His account is not very long (a little over an hour on Audible), but you will not be able to stop listening. The shear horror of those who struggled to live, both Allied and German, is captured first hand by this courageous man. We hear a lot about the arguing over the death toll of Dresden (last year it was down to 25,000, a ridiculous number for anyone who has studied the subject), but we never hear about the sinister “quality”, for lack of a better term, of the bombing itself. Gregg’s account chronicles the systematic way in which the series of bombings, which lasted several days, were conducted to maximize the death toll and ensure that everyone died in the most agonizing way possible. These “particulars” of course are never mentioned by the mainstream media. They would have you believe that it was just like any other bombing, but it was not. It was the product of a specific and precise plan to murder civilians (see The Lindemann Plan on this website). It was a cowardly act, and as many of you already know, Dresden was not the only German city to suffer this fate. The cowardly All-lies went against the Geneva Convention that they signed, and murdered innocent women and children for no reason. And then they defied logic by blaming it on Hitler and the Germans!!! To this day, no one has been tried in a military court for war crimes, and these spineless cowards will not even apologize. May THEY burn in hell for all eternity.


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    One must consider Churchills remit from his Jewish backers to genocide civilians (the means of labiour and production) was the same tactic used during the divisive “American Civil War” called the “Locust strategy” no less replicating Talmudic prophtic teachings repetetive paterns passed on for milenia through tribal nepotism to be sure of dividing and killing the goy.  


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  2. Very interesting. Dresden is one of those incidents that has been ‘memory holed’ It is happening all over Europe and ‘The West’… inconvenient truths ‘disappearing’ from reality to be replaced by the ‘accepted version.’

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