Babi Yar: Blame-Shifting Atrocity Propaganda

Editor’s Note: The following information below on Babi Yar was taken from the excellent holocaust book: The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? which can be purchased at the Barnes Review (Amazon no longer carries the book). The Babi Yar myth is such a great holohoax legend to attack, because it is a classic example that exposes Soviet stupidity and the constant blame-shifting they did projecting their atrocities onto the Germans. For example, when after a brief investigation none of the 33,771 dead bodies were found, the shrewd Soviet black propaganda geniuses claimed that the Germans, two years after the actual event, dug the bodies back up, cremated the remains, and crushed the remaining bones with nearby Jewish tombstones… oh.. OK, we can accept that!!!! The Babi Yar fantasy was most certainly created to cover up the actual massacre in the Katyn Forest by Soviet NKVD. This “flip mode” tactic has been very successful and duped millions into thinking that the Soviets were role models of behavior and the Nazis were the epitome of evil. In fact, anyone who has seriously researched World War II, and in particular Soviet brutality, knows by now that the entire Holocaust event is just one big blame shifting pile of black propaganda, created by the Soviets and the other ALL-Lies to cover for their very real atrocities against the Germans, Ukranians, Poles, etc. Babi Yar is just one event in a larger pile of fake history trash that desperately needs to be thrown out and composted. Too corny? Please spread this far and wide, the myth is so easy to deflate, even the most die hard exterminationists will struggle with this one!!!

One of the most infamous atrocities attributed to the Einsatzgruppen (in this case, Einsatzgruppen C) is an alleged mass-murder outside Kiev in the Ukraine, known as the Babi Yar massacre.

The allegation is that after the Germans occupied Kiev, a series of bombs, set off by Communist insurgents, struck the city, killing many civilians and German occupying troops. Much of the city was set on fire as a result of the bombings, and as German troops helped with putting out the blaze, a Jewish insurgent was caught cutting one of the water hoses.

According to the Holocaust storytellers, the arrest of this Jew persuaded the Nazis that all the Jews in Kiev had to be killed, and Einsatzgruppen C rounded them all up over the period of September 29–30, 1941, marched them to a ravine outside the city, and shot them all—some 33,771 individuals.

The “evidence” for this atrocity is contained in one of the disputed Ereignismeldungen, where the report specifically gives the figure of 33,771 Jews having been shot in Kiev on that date.

Once again, the Ereignismeldungen report is open to question—because the physical facts surrounding the Babi Yar ravine do not support the report’s claim. There are today no remains of tens of thousands of bodies to be found at the Babi Yar site, even though a monument now stands on the spot.

The Holocaust storytellers claim that the reason why there are no bodies to be found at the site—even though the story claims 33,771 people were shot there—is because the Nazis sent a special team back to the site in 1943 to exhume, burn, and crush the bones—using, of all things, tombstones from a nearby Jewish cemetery to smash the last of the bones.

Of course, the time, effort and fuel it would take to exhume, stack on iron rails, burn and then crush 33,000 bodies makes the allegation absurd—but nonetheless, this is the given reason why there are no bodies present. The Soviets even produced a compliant German officer, SS-Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel, to “confess” to having destroyed all the 33,771 bodies within a period of thirty days, from August 18 to September 19, 1943.

The “confessions” remind the reader of those “obtained” by the Soviets to cover up the Katyn massacre, which was also blamed on the Germans. In fact, the parallels with Katyn offer a further valuable insight into the Babi Yar claims.

The mass graves created for the Soviet massacre and burial of Polish officers and intellectuals at Katyn (a crime that for fifty years was blamed on the Germans), as well as the graves used to accommodate the bodies of some 100,000 innocent residents, including children, of Hamburg, Germany, that were slaughtered by Allied bombing, have proven that it takes about a one acre area of excavation material to bury roughly 10,000 bodies.

Babi Yar would have needed a minimum of three and one half acres for 33,000 bodies. There is, therefore, no possibility that the precision aerial photos available from the period in question would not show such a disturbance in the soil.

Even if the mass grave’s depth is increased to sixteen feet, 50,000 bodies would take up about one and a half acres. Approximately 1,600,000 cubic feet of soil would need to be excavated. This would be a major excavation project even for today’s modern heavy equipment.

Any claim that it was done in 1941, and once again in 1943 under battle conditions, is pure fantasy. This does not even address the question of where was this equipment obtained on a battle-weary front? There are a host of other physical problems associated with the Babi Yar massacre story. For example:

– In order to “machine gun” people, it is worth emphasizing that twice as many bullets as the given number of people would be needed. If 33,771 people were shot, then the Germans would have needed at least 67,000 rounds—and probably more—to complete the task.

From the U.S. Holocaust Museum photo archives – Alleged victims of the Babi Yar massacre

Such a large amount of ammunition would weigh about 1,876 pounds, or 850 kilograms. Lead is essentially an inert substance which survives practically forever in the soil. That amount of lead should be easily recoverable on the site—if it had been shot out there, but not a trace of it has ever been found.

– Next there is the matter of the fuel needed for cremation of the bodies, which the Holocaust storytellers say took place two years after these “murders” and while the German army was in full retreat in that sector.

The Holocaust storytellers claim that the bodies were burned in the open, with wood, after being piled onto iron rails. Present-day open air cremations, as carried out in India amongst Hindus, require at least 10 hours per body, and 330 pounds (150 kilograms) of wood.

This would mean that the cremation of 33,771 bodies would require at least 11 million pounds (5 million) kilograms of wood. To believe that anyone could cut down and provide that amount of firewood in the face of a rapidly advancing Soviet Army is about as nonsensical as believing that the removal of so many trees in the nearby area could go unnoticed.

– Furthermore, the “mass murder” of Jews at Babi Yar allegedly took place almost four months prior to the Wannsee Conference, where, the Holocaust storytellers claim, the idea to kill all the Jews was first planned. The Babi Yar allegations therefore, fairly typically, raise more questions than answers.

Luftwaffe aerial photograph of Sept. 26th, 1943. It shows no activity at Babi Yar and no signs of there having been any activity at all.

Finally, aerial photography, held in the US National Archives in Washington DC, contains 600 wartime aerial photographs of Kiev, including Babi Yar, taken on over 20 flights over the area. The first photos, taken at 12:23 pm on May 17, 1939, reveal such details as cars and even the shadows of the lamp posts on the streets of Kiev.

More importantly, every large bush and small tree is visible on the slopes and at the bottom of the Babi Yar ravine.

The last aerial photo coverage of Kiev (and Babi Yar) took place on June 18, 1944, about nine months after the city was re-occupied by the Soviets.

These reconnaissance photos show clearly that the foliage and ground cover of the ravine remained completely undisturbed throughout the two years of German occupation, and that there is absolutely no evidence of human activity in the ravine.

If the Babi Yar massacre had occurred as claimed, the whole area would have seen massive earth displacements, burning stacks of bodies, and frenetic human activity. Instead, the entire area is completely undisturbed.

The aerial photographs do, however, reveal the existence of ten mass graves in the Ahovtnevyi borough of Kiev and in the general area of Babi Yar, situated closed to a labor camp set up by the German occupiers called Syretz.

Going by their size, these graves likely contain several hundred bodies—but the dead would most likely be those who perished during the two years of German occupation.

In addition, at the nearby Orthodox Lukianivsky cemetery, another, larger mass grave can be seen. This one would appear to contain several hundred victims of the very public German executions of partisan fighters by the Einsatzgruppen.

The already problematic story was further complicated in 2007 when E. Musiyenko, the editor of the Kiev Evening News (Vechirnyi Kyiv), published a four page story on March 19 of that year which claimed that there was a mass grave at Babi Yar—but that it did not date from the Nazi occupation. Rather, he said, evidence showed that it was a burial field used between 1922 and 1935 for the victims of the Communist secret police, the Cheka/NKVD.

The claims of a “massacre” at Babi Yar Ravine do not, therefore, match up with the physical evidence, and also cast a serious shadow over the reliability of the Ereignismeldungen.

For further information on Babi Yar:

Soviet Propaganda Movie On Babi Yar alleged Mass Shootings. Claims more then 200,000 “Soviet citizens” were killed there, Jews, Ukrainians, Russians, Kazakhs, etc. Tells a lot of stories, but instead of hard evidence lots of tell tales and mixes many non-related pictures into it.  

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  1. It was the worst propaganda film I’ve ever seen. If you stop the video at 23:14 you see a Soviet military shooting a man in the neck (it is a famous picture they claim are german soldiers). Shooting in the neck was the well-known murder method of choice for the GPU, NKVD, KGB, and Stasi! The approximately 10,000 Ukrainians who were murdered in Vinnitsa 1937-1938 by the Soviets via bullets to the neck and then thrown into mass graves come to mind, as do other massacres.

    Shooting 33,771 or even far more people within two days and then removing all traces of the deed would require superb organization and logistics (which is impossible anyhow, with the investigative means available today!) However these problems would have been unmanageable under extreme conditions such as prevailed right after the taking of Kyiv, with fires, blasting and partisan activity on the one hand and the continuing battles at the front, with their concomitant demand for human and material resources, and in autumn of 1943 in the face of the advancing deadly front of the Soviet army.

    After the end of the war the Soviets turned the ravine of Babi Yar into a municipal garbage dump, and later into a garbage incineration site.

    The Communist regime blame its own mass murders on the Germans. It is lie after lie after lie…

  2. Babi Yar is just another in a long list of Jewish Fairy-tales from hell. I’ll give them an E for effort with their imaginations. The aerial photos alone debunk this nonsensical story, but, the nonsense about the Germans coming back in 1943 to exhume the bodies is even too imbecilic to take seriously. Cutting down trees for firewood which isn’t noticed and all this with an advancing Red Army. And, yet, there is a batch of idiots out there who still believe this twaddle. Go figure!!!!

    1. It is all done to perpetrate an extortion racket. No country or individuals should be paying these parasites. Enouh is enough.

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