The Jewish Hand In the World Wars

After writing his revisionist bestseller Debating the Holocaust back in 2009, Dr. Thomas Dalton began investigating the issue of Jewish power and influence in western society, resulting in a series of two articles on “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars”. He has now turned these essays into a book so that he can reach out to an even bigger audience. This is another hot-button topic pushed by the hand that doesn’t fear touching the third rail:

jewishhandinwars_largeFor many centuries, Jews have had a negative reputation in many countries and among large parts of the population. The reasons given for this are plentiful, ranging from their anti-Christian theology and social exclusivity to arrogance, conceit, greed and maliciousness. Their perceived belli­gerence and animosity have been considered legendary. But less well known is their involvement in war—hence the reason for this book.

When we examine the causal factors for war, and when we look at its primary beneficiaries, we repeatedly find a prominent Jewish presence. Throughout history, Jews have played an exceptionally active role in promoting and inciting war. With their long-notorious influence in government, we find recurrent instances of Jews promoting hardline stances, being uncompromising, and actively inciting people to hatred. Jewish misanthropy, rooted in Old Testament mandates, and combined with a ruthless materialism, has led them, time and again, to instigate warfare if it served their larger interests. This fact explains much about the present-day world.

In this book, Thomas Dalton examines in detail the Jewish hand in the two world wars. Along the way, he dissects Jewish motives and Jewish strategies for maximizing gain amidst warfare, reaching back centuries. He concludes with a brief analysis of more recent wars, and with a look to the future.

We cannot prevent war until we acknowledge its causes. Some of these causes are rooted in human nature, but others are very deliberate, very strategic actions by a malicious few. The Jewish Hand in the World Warssheds some badly needed light on this entire question.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, is author, editor, and translator of several books and articles on Hitler, the Holocaust, and National Socialism. His books include Debating the Holocaust (2015), The Holocaust: An Introduction(2016), Hitler on the Jews (2019) and the forthcoming works Eternal Strangers: A Critical History of Jews and Judaism (2019) and Goebbels on the Jews (2019). Dr. Dalton has also produced new translations of Mein Kampf, and edited a compilation work, The Essential Mein Kampf (2019).

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  1. In the past few days, I finished reading this well researched book. It definitely is a must read for those interested n the role that Jews have played in the 2 world wars, especially WW2. Dalton’s book is still available on Alibris.

    Dalton wrote another good book that has just come out this year: Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through The Ages (also available on Alibris). It is clear from the comments of historians, critics and politicians throughout the past 2,300+ years that the Jews suffer from a deep rooted misanthropy or hatred of all others. A good and informative read by a dedicated and objective researched.

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