Christopher Jon Bjerknes: Hitler Haters and the Gatekeepers of World War II Part 1

Recently, Christopher Jon Bejerknes was recently on the “No More News” show with Adam Green on Youtube.  Adam Green, never really heard of him until now, gave Bejerknes over 2 hours to regurgitate old Jewish and “court historian” lies about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.  He recently has come out with a new book, “of which this is only the first in a series of books”, claiming Adolf Hitler was a communist AND a zionist.  In the past, he has written some interesting books criticizing Jews, one exposing Einstein, and another on the Armenian genocide, so he does not hold any punches when it comes to criticizing Jews.  However, that “brave” attitude towards Jews seems to stop when it concerns two of Judaism’s most precious lies:  Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.  If Berjerknes was so eager to put the Jews in their place and “take them down” like so many of his followers claim, why attack the one man who tried to stop them?  Why avoid exposing the holocaust for the huge lie it is when this is the literal Achilles Heel of jewish power?  The only answer one can surmise is that he is just another gate keeper, trying to steer sincere truth seekers in the wrong direction about World War 2, yet again.

51qta4222YL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_In his new book, Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist, Bejerknes offers nothing new to the field of World War 2 research.  His strategy is to dig up old discredited lies about Hitler and repackage them as cutting edge conspiracy theory (all of his videos do not allow comments and are restricted).  Why would someone who hates Jews use copious amounts of Jewish quotes, or Jew condoned quotes about Hitler?  Does he not understand how badly they lie about Hitler?  There are no quotes or footnotes referring to any of Irving’s books, which is just ridiculous.  He is the most well know revisionist on Hitler and the National Socialists.  Nope, instead Bejerknes relies on well-paid non-persecuted “scholars” like Ian Kershaw.

The book is filled with so many lies and distortions it would take another book twice the size as his to document them all.  I am almost done with the book and there are hundreds of errors, half-truths and outright lies. The thing you need to understand about writing any historical book about Hitler and the Nazis is you can make up pretty much anything, as long as it is derogatory, and then no one will question it. The industry encourages it actually. Because of this, there are so many worthless books filled with the most ridiculous lies. Revisionism is so important for the study of World War 2 and Bjerkness ignores every single revisionist scholar, such as David Irving for example, who wrote biographies on all the top Nazis including Hitler.

imagesLike I said, so many examples of his skillful and realistic lying, here are just a few, but someone needs to write an entire article about this, because it is really bad. Example 1: Bjerknes says Goebbles was a die hard communist, not really a National Socialist and his reference is this SINGLE quote: “Communism. Jewry. I am a German communist”. His source is A.P. Longerich, Goebbles: A Biography. I do not own this book, so I can not verify it, but I have never seen the quote in one of Goebbles speeches on public record. Irving never mentions this in his biography of Goebbles. There is a possibility he could have said it when he was young, but to say he was a life long communist based on one quote is just stupid. He did give a speech in 1935, that was published as the book  Communism with the Mask Off which is one of the most scathing exposures of the evils and brutality of communism I have read.

51GLpjpTgUL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_He also said that Goebbles loved Jews because he had an “enduring love “ affair with a Jewish women. Again, it was early in his life, it was only 4 years, and there is no evidence it was romantic, and he broke ties with her in 1926. Then Bjerknes says his wife Magda was Jewish so all his kids were Jewish. Well, the only source for that comes from Jewish newspapers and it is another “he said she said” quote. There is no document to verify this, so we have to just take their word for this. How do Jews benefit by painting all Nazis as Jew lovers, and controlled by them? It will prevent people from investigating the truth about National Socialism, and this is significant. The NSDAP had a detailed plan, that they put into action to break away from the monopoly of the central banking octopus. This is hugely significant. For more info on this, read The History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind by Stephen Mitford Goodson. The book was recently banned from Amazon, and the author died under mysterious circumstances. This book is so powerful. Even if Goebbels did not think all Jews were evil so what? This is a good thing, because they are not. There were many full and half jews in the German military, this is a fact. This just supports the fact that the Nazis did not want to kill all Jews, they just wanted to take their country back from the “Ober-Juden” or powerful Jews who were behind the banking system, media, government, and of course communism.

Another blatant fallacy is that Bjerkness claims that Erich Ludendorff was a Mason, and was directing Hitler to infiltrate the German Workers party and subvert it as a tool for masonry. Just one problem, Ludenforff was virulently anti-Mason:

hqdefaultHitler is also accused of being a die hard communist simply because he took a job right after World War 1 to spy on the Bavarian communist party. The ReichsWehr, the German army, gave him a job to spy on this movement which actually took power for a brief time in 1918, but the movement was crushed and the leaders, like Kurt Eisner were executed. So, Hitler actually helped the stop of communism in Germany.  Allegedly Hitler marches in the funeral of Kurt Eisner, according to Bejerkness, but of course the reference is a video from the History Channel, formerly known as the “Hitler Channel”, where during the 90’s it ran non-stop propaganda demonizing Hitler and brainwashing the public about World War 2.

There are many more lies to expose in this book, so I will continue with a Part 2, 3, 4, etc., just like Berjerknes.  Please buy the book on kindle (only 2.99), read it and send me your favorite lies by this bald punk (now he has a full beard and head of hair???).  Stay tuned….

Here is a good article about Berjerknes acting like a Neo-Con in regards to Putin and Russia.  Excellent work by the great John De Nugent:

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    1. I couldn’t agree more on you synopsis. Bjerknes actually wrote a good and interesting history on the Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christians. But, his work on Hitler is imbecilic. The grand old lie about Hitler being a Rothschild is only laughable.

  1. I wonder, perhaps I missed it above, which Jewish controlled publishing house prints this book? We see more of this kind of nonsense coming out each year. Last year, Harvard University Press put out the book with the title A Spectre Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism. This book purports to debunk the “myth” that Bolshevism was largely a Jewish controlled enterprise or movement.

    Here is a good link to an article debunking this book of propaganda:

    1. It appears to be an “independent” publisher, and I think he mentioned it was self-published. That is part of his act, he wants to appear on the fringe to get those truth seekers who are consciously or unconsciously weary of big name publishing houses. His videos also, are all heavily restricted and in the interview with Adam Green mentioned above, they whine for almost a half hour about how terrible this is. I believe he wants people to think he is controversial and dangerous, because on the surface he does criticize Jews. But like I mentioned above, he is irrationally obsessed with attacking Hitler, and he is completely silent on the bogus holocaust. These are serious red flags. I will definitely check out the article, thanks.

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    #AntiZionistLeague #Holodomorinfo #Labour25

  3. That it was (Crypto) Jews who executed the Armenian Genocide seems to be well authenticated. The Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered tens of millions of White Christian Russians and Ukrainians. This alone should prove how Judaism hates Christianity. The Catholic Church has called Jews, ‘our Elder Brothers’ and John Paul II was photographed with B’nai Brith. The Catholic-Jewish dialogue is doomed. How can the Church befriend Talmudic Jews. ‘Germany Must Perish” by Alex Kauffman, a Jew, published in 1941, is filled with hate toward Germans. Communism, Zionism, Freemasonry and Cultural Marxism, all derive from the racist, homicidal, anti-Christian, anti-Human and supremacist Talmud, the Holy Book of Judaism, not the Old Testament as most Christians erroneously believe. Barbara Spectre,an American Jew, living in Sweden, admits that the Jews are ‘central’ to Mass Migration into Europe, according to the Jewish Kalergi Plan which the Communist EU enables. The 1995 Barcelona Declaration from the EU is another manifestation of Jewish hate. Unfortunately the Catholic Church is ‘filled with masonic snakes.”(Charlotte Iserbyt, a convert to Catholicism.)
    According to Henry Makow, a Canadian Jew and author, Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles. I’m not ba Historian, just a Catholic priest, but this video by Dr. James Wardner is remarkable: Cheers! From Canada. And I add this article reprinted by Henry Makow; it is a Catholic periodical:

  4. Some believe that the Catholic church became a Talmudic entity since John the 23rd was Pope. There were certainly many Jesuits who sold out to the Jews including Malachi Martin.

  5. I also saw the video with Green and Bjerknes, but I don’t think Bjerknes really got to the essence of WW2 and Jews.
    I’d like to recommend my own site and in particular my material on ‘How the Master Race won WW2’ (Refers to )ws of course) and the detailed material from a Frenchman, haxzane527, who from the French viewpoint of several invasions and Jewish infiltration regards WW2 as something controlled by worldwide Jews. I welcome conversations but they’d have to be emails. — RW

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