World War 2 Truth Gets Suspended By Facebook AND Twitter!

Since I was “red-pilled” in 2014 on the real history of World War 2, I have created multiple webpages and used social media to spread the word about the truth.  Last year, my twitter account was suspended after I had almost 1500 followers.  Three days ago, I just discovered that my 3rd facebook page “World War 2 Uncensored” was taken down for violating “community standards”.  I had 785 follows, 70 last week alone, and this was only in a 3-4 month time span.

2019-02-24 (2)

Prior to this page, I had two other pages each with other 500 follows, one called “World War 2 Truth” and the other called “World War II Truth”.  Both taken down with of course no reason given, other than a message about violating community standards.

Screenshot (12)

And…. My account connected with the page was also put in the “Facebook gulag “for another 30 days.  This is my 5th time I have been suspended!  This seems to be normal now for anyone who mentions anything having to do with World War 2 or the Holocaust.

Screenshot (13)

And, not to be out done in truly Orwellian behavior, my 2nd Twitter account @thetruthishate was just taken down, most likely for putting the following memes up.  I just could not help myself.



I am just some guy with a small website, so I am completely shocked that they feel that they need to censor me so frequently and consistently.  Their actions, however, are futile.  The truth has been out for a long time, and will only continue to spread, despite their censorship measures and Amazon’s “book burning” tactics.  I have a Gab account, which I will now be spending more time on, which is what I should have done in the first place, since they are very much against censorship.  If you don’t have a Gab account you should get one.  It is really the only place left for all of us to communicate our ideas.

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7 thoughts on “World War 2 Truth Gets Suspended By Facebook AND Twitter!

  1. Hey brother, I feel your pain on this one. Amazon keeps removing from sale various titles by Mike Walsh, so do not feel you are being singled out.

    Faecbook is a lost cause now. It owns Twitter, so that also is censored. You are quite correct that we need to seek out alternative platforms, and hope these are not corrupted over time.

    Keep fighting. And, definitely maintain this blog as it has some very good articles.

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