The Strange Case of Eric Hunt

realist-report-interview-eric-hunt-1794-coverMany of you may be aware that Holocaust documentary filmmaker Eric Hunt is no longer making any of his movies since last year, February 2017.  Eric did an excellent job with his films, exposing the lies about the holocaust in a very engaging and entertaining way.  His last documentary, “Questioning the Holocaust Part 1” is excellent, and it is too bad he never finished Part 2.  There has been much discussion about Eric’s surprising 180 degree change in his views on the CODOH forum here.

Eric started his revisionist career by grabbing Elie Wiesel’s arm in an attempt to find his tattoo, but ended up going to jail for it.  After that key event, he began his research and started making his documentaries, beginning with “The Last Days of the Big Lie”.  Sometime at the beginning of last year, he recanted his revisionist research, stating that the Jewish gas chambers were real, and at least 2 million Jews were gassed and/or shot.  You can read the full article here, and a great rebuttal by Jim Rizoli here.  Now, Eric is going around to places like Youtube and Castle Hill Publishers and trying to get his videos removed and shut down because of “copyright 920x920infringement”.  However, you still can view his videos on Youtube (see below), but Youtube has put their harshest restrictions on the viewing of these videos (you can not view them from this website, there is a viewer discretion block at the beginning, no comments are allowed, and if there is a part 2 or 3, good luck finding it.)  Soon, these videos will be gone or blocked, so you should definitely go to and download as many of these titles as you can.  Youtube is rapidly censoring videos challenging the official story of the holocaust at such a rapid pace, soon they will most likely all be banned, similar to what Amazon did to over 100 book titles on the holocaust.

jewish-gas-chamber-hoax-holocaustNo one knows for sure who or what made Eric change his mind, but it is very strange indeed, and too bad, because he not only did original research, but was a skilled documentarian.  Before he left the public scene, he debated Frederick “Fritz” Berg who has a website called .  You can listen to the recorded version of the debate on Youtube, which is segmented into about 16 parts, or it is also on, where you can download it.  In my opinion, Fritz wins the debate, primarily because Eric never provides any evidence of how the Jews were gassed,  offers no description of what the gas chambers may have looked like, and simply because the holocaust is the most indefensible topic in history.  Given that I have seen all of Hunt’s videos, and listened to many interviews, I find it very difficult to believe that Eric now believes in the fake gas chambers.  In the debate, Fritz Berg discusses how much of the Nazi testimony is unreliable due to the fact that many top Nazis were tortured mercilessly until they “confessed” of their crimes.  For example, Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz was tortured for 3 day before British interrogators threatened to ship his entire family to the Soviet Union.  After this threat, he finally the-last-days-of-the-big-lieconfessed to being aware of the non-existent gas chambers.  Perhaps (((they))) cut a similar deal with Eric?  Eric states in the debate that he was going to use his website to start to “tell the truth” about the gas chambers, starting with his essay, “End of the Line”.  However, given that Eric lost the debate with Fritz, his plans seemed to have changed since his website is no longer up.  Apparently stopping his video productions was enough payment for the powers that be.  You can listen to the debate here:


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18 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Eric Hunt

  1. That last paragraph about Eric debating Fritz has me scratching my head and wondering if in places the names have been accidentally reversed as to who was espousing which position.

    But, to your main point, it is strange how a revisionist went 180 degrees off the rails and we do not know why he did this.

  2. Most people that do 180’s do it because they have been physically threatened.
    David Cole was one who had a hit put on him by JDl’r Irv Rubin, who went to jail and was killed there.
    But that was what did it for David Cole and I’m sure many others.

    So this is what I suspect here. It’s pretty hard to go back to the lies when the truth is so telling.

    Jim Rizoli
    No surrender!

    1. Good point about David Cole, he disappeared as well, good parallel. I love your interview with Benton Bradberry: That book was a “red pill” for me on the Holohoax. Instead of attacking the holocaust head on he first builds a case for the integrity of the German people while exposing Jewish atrocities against Germans and others. Then it begins to make sense that the Holocaust was just atrocity propaganda, brilliant!

  3. It is a real eye opener for me after 60 years of lies about a “holocaust” in ww2!

    1. That’s disappointing about WordPress, I didn’t think the censorship had reached that level yet. I love you and your brothers videos, and I do watch on Bitchute.

  4. I could be wrong, but, I always viewed Eric Hunt as someone who was too emotional and maybe unstable. He did some very impressive work with the Treblinka Archaeology Hoax being the best of the lot. It appears he now blames Germar Rudolf for all of his troubles. The guy is a bit of a ‘Ditz,’ if you ask me.

  5. I always thought Eric Hunt was too emotional and possibly unstable. He did some very impressive work with The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax being the best of the lot. It appears he blamed Germar Rudolf for all of his troubles. He seems to be a bit of a twerp who just can’t seem to make up his mind about being someone searching for the truth or a mainstream believer in the nonsense we have all had shoved down our throats for seventy odd years.

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