The Myth of German Villainy – WW2 – International Jewry vs Germany

Editor’s Note:  I whole-heartedly agree with the following appraisal of this book, “The Myth of German Villainy”, which has just recently been banned by Amazon, just like Mike King’s “The Bad War”.  This book had a huge impact on me four years ago, when I read it for the first time.  It makes a great case that the German people are an honest and hardworking people, and by the time you are finished reading this book, there is no way you can imagine them being the perpetrators of the alleged Jewish Holocaust.  Germany, after all, is the land of philosophers, poets and musicians and not a group of war-mongering barbarians like England and France.  This image, is pure propaganda, according to Bradbury, and he makes a great case.  This book is a great “back door” entry for allowing people to understand the stupidity of the traditional holocaust narrative.  Please see the full article at the excellent website:  Also, check out this excellent book which was written before Bradberry’s, called, Dealing in Hate: The development of anti-German propaganda” which can be found at the IHR website.

The Myth of German Villainy – WW2 – Germany vs. International Jewry

I highly recommend this book,  The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L Bradberry, most of this text below is taken from it.  This article is in three parts… It’s purpose is to highlight the validity of the books title – The Myth of German Villainy. The depths of the lies we have been told… now for some Truth:

Part 1

How Germans were viewed before the WW1 and WW2…

The Power of Propaganda

From the Book – The Myth of German Villainy:

“Yes, evil ‘Nazi’ stories such as these (some ridiculous Hollywood anti-National Socialist propaganda movies had just been described in the previous paragraphs) have long been in a staple in Hollywood. The movie going public has been so conditioned by this poppycock that fiction has become fact in the public mind. We have all been brainwashed to accept such absurdites without skepticism. Germans are ‘evil’ so they do ‘evil’ things. No further explanation needed.

Yet Germany was not always seen in this light. The image of Germany as a sinister predatory war like nation only took root in the twentieth century. Nineteenth century Germany, by contrast, was seen as a place of peace and enlightenment. The English historian, Frederic William Maitland, described the way the English people saw the Germans during the nineteenth century.

‘It was usual and plausible to paint the German as an unpractical dreamy, sentimental being, looking out with mild blue eyes into a cloud of music and metaphysics and tobacco smoke.’

The highly influential French writer and Salon Matron, Madame de Stael, portrayed the Germans during the period of the Napoleonic wars as a nation of:

‘…poets and thinkers, a race of kindly, impractical, otherworldly dreamers without national prejudices and disinclined to war.’

In 1905 Andrew Dickson White, a noted American historian, educator, and United States Ambassador to Germany, wrote just nine years before the outbreak of World War 1:

‘Germany, from a great confused mass of warriors and thinkers and workers, militant at cross purposes, wearing himself in vain struggles, and preyed upon by malevolent neighbours, has become [after consolidation] a great power in arms, in art, in science, in literature; a fortress of thought; a guardian of civilization; the natural ally of every nation which seeks the better devolvement of humanity.’

The German people have historically made great contributions in every sphere of cultural, intellectual and scientific achievement…. British Author Thomas Arnold saw (pre-WW1) Germany not as a nation with a unique predisposition toward authoritarianism and regimentation, but rather as a:

‘…cradle of law, virtue and freedom,’ and considered it a ‘distinction of the first rank’ that the English belonged to the Germanic family of peoples.’

….Pre WW1 Germany was seen as peaceful land of fairy tales and dreamy castles, and of industrious law abiding people.”

(The Myth of German Villainy Pages 4-6)

Germany’s Positive Image Changes Overnight

“This view of Germany was to change overnight with the outbreak of WW1. After the war began in 1914 a grotesque image of a rapacious, bloodthirsty and uniquely aggressive Germany quickly took form and become the stereotypical image of Germany in Europe and America. This new image of Germany was the direct result of a virulent anti-German propaganda campaign conducted by the British Government and later joined by the United States government in which deliberate and systematic lies, distortion and false atrocity stories were disseminated to the British and American public.”
(The Myth of German Villainy, Page 10)

The German people were – and still are – a generous, intelligent, creative, inventive, industrious, peaceful people… not an aggressive war like people! This propaganda campaign began in 1914 and has not stopped until this day. We all know the elite jewish supremacists own all the media, and have done so for a very long time.

A Study of War by Professor Quincy Wright, shows that in the period from 1480 to 1940 there were 278 wars involving European countries, whose percentage participation was as follows: England 28%, France 26%, Spain 23%, Russia 22%, Austria 19%, Turkey 15%, Poland 11%, Sweden 9%, Italy 9%, Netherlands 8%, Germany (including Prussia) 8%, Denmark 7%.” –

You can’t understand the world without understanding the Truth of WW2 and you can’t truly understand WW2 without understanding the Truth of WW1. And to get the full picture you need to understand who the German people were as a race and culture before these world wars were created to crush them.

Germany did not start WW1 or WW2… the Germans have been the victims.

The German economy was the most powerful in Europe before WW1 – and it was the most powerful in Europe going into WW2… what does that tell you?

Much conspiring has been carried out against Germany. The German people suffered so terribly in both wars and it all culminated in the truly horrendous Dresden Fire Bombings and Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps at the end of WW2… As an Englishman I say: Justice for Germans!

Part 2

WW2 – Germany was the Victim – International Jewry manipulating it all from behind the scenes

(From the Book the Myth of German Villainy – Brenton L Bradberry)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt meets with the National Jewish Welfare Board — (left to right) Walter Rothschild, Chaplain Aryeh Lev, Barnett Brickner and Louis Kraft

“Germany was not only the loser of the war, but also the victim of aggressive war waged against her by Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and International Jewry, for reasons that were very different from those publicly declared. Not only did the Jews control the Soviet Union, as has been repeatedly stated herein, but both Roosevelt and Churchill were surrounded by Jews, and their foreign policy decisions were virtually dictated by Jews. International Jewry has as much to do with instigating the war as any other faction, perhaps more, and the Jews were the greatest long term beneficiaries after the war was won. A series of quotes from that time support this view:

“When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.” – The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940)

“We managed to drag the United States into the First World war and if they [the US] do what we demand in regards to Palestine and the Jewish armed forces, then we can get the Jews in the USA to drag the United States into this one [the Second World War] too.” – Weizmann to Churchill 1941

“Hitler doesn’t want war but he will be forced to it, and in fact soon. England has final say like in 1914.” – Zionist, Emil Ludwig Cohen

“On the 3rd of June, 1938, the ‘American Hebrew’ boasted that they had Jews in the foremost positions of influence in Britain, Russia and France, and that these ‘three sons of Israel will be sending the Nazi dictator to hell” – Joseph Trimble, The American Hebrew.

“The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world” – Brigadier General Van Horn Moseley, The New York Tribune (March 29 1939)

“The million of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring a war of annihilation against Germany to its final end” – Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland (September 13, 1939)

“In losing Germany [when Hitler came to power and rid the country of usurious jewish bankers], Jewry lost a territory from which it exerted power. Therefore it was determined to re-conquer it.” – Louis Marschalko, ‘The Conquerors’; The Real War Criminals

“The second world war is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.” – Rabbi Felix Mendhlesohn, Chicago Sentinel (October 8 1942)

“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda which is the moral energy that keeps the war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan horses in the enemies fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor on the destruction of our enemy. There our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.” – Chaim Weizman, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a speech on December 3rd 1942, in New York.

“We made a monster, a devil out of Hitler,. Therefore we couldn’t disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilized the masses against the devil himself. So we were forced to play our part in this diabolical scenario after the war. In no way we could have pointed out to our people that the war only was an economic preventative measure.” – US Secretary of State James Baker (1992)

“The can be no doubt: National Socialism was part of a modernization process in German Society. It expedited the social changes in Germany. It transferred more to the underprivileged segments of society and brought equality and emancipation to women” – Heniz Hoehne, Gebt mir vier Jahre Zeit [Give me four Years], Ullstein Publishing House, Berlin – Frankfurt 1996, p.100

“I see no reason why this war must go on. I am grieved to think of the sacrifices which it will claim. I would like to avert them.” – (Adolf Hitler, July 1940)

“It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. Nor had I ever wished that after the appalling first World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America” – Adolf Hitler (April 1945)

International Jewry (Judea) declared war on Germany in 1933

Never forget that International Jewery (Judea) declared war on Germany in 1933, not long after Hitler came to power. Six years before the Allies declared war on Germany and started WW2. In fact we should say that WW2 really started in 1933.


“Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods!
Mass Demonstrations!” – These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933.

“The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany.Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.”– Daily Express, March 24, 1933.

“Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this sacred war should do so now and here. It is not sufficient that you should buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods or who patronises German ships or shipping…. we will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.” – Samuel Undermeyer, in a Radio Broadcast on WABC, New York, August 6, 1933. Reported in the New York Times, August 7, 1933. Samuel Untermeyer was a Jewish leader and close friend of presidents Wilson and Roosevelt.

“This declaration called the war against Germany, which was now determined on, a ‘holy war’. This war was to be carried out against Germany to its conclusion, to her destruction” – Dr. Franz J. Scheidl, Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands.

“For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community, at each conference, in all our syndicates, and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany. Collectively and individually, the German nation is a threat to us Jews.” – Vladimir Jabotinsky 
(founder of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934 (also quoted in “Histoire de l’Armee Allemande” by Jacques Benoist-Mechin, Vol. IV, p. 303).

WW2 was really the Jews against Hitler and Germany. All jews were urged to carry out a holy war against Germany. Of course Germany had to therefore place many of the jews into work / containment camps when WW2 started.

“It is estimated that more than 8 million Germans died during the war, but an astonishing 13 million additional Germans died after the war was over; the result of expulsion, mass murder, brutality, exposure and starvation [horrendous war crimes, see Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death camps for one example]. That would be a total of 21 million German deaths as a result of the war. The estimated deaths of the United States and Great Britain were 413,000 and 450,000 respectively. The claim that 6 million Jews died at the hands of the ‘Nazis’ is patently absurd. Germany was clearly the victim of the war.” – The Myth of German Villainy, Benton L. Braderry – P, 415

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