A History of Cental Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind – New Expanded Edition and now on Kindle

This book has been out for a few years, but now it is available in an expanded edition with the option of purchasing as a kindle download.  Click here to purchase on Amazon (before they discontinue the kindle option and/or ban it completely!)

51ITGIgJwiLThis is the history you were not allowed to learn in school and the author does an excellent job demonstrating how and why the saga of private central banking has been the primary motivator of all major historical events in the past several thousand years.

From the forward by the author, “This book provides insights as to how private bankers since ancient times have abused monetary systems, whether they are based on coin, bank notes, checque or electronic money, by creating money out of nothing as an interest bearing debt in order to arrogate supreme power to themselves. It also provides a record, both ancient and modern, of societies and civilizations which have flourished in an environment free from the burden of usury.”

One such society was Third Reich Germany. If you still think Hitler and the Nazis were the ultimate evil bent on world domination, it is time to “retool” your mind. The author, Stephen Goodson, goes into depth discussing how Hitler issued usury free (non-debt bearing) currency into German society, and how this was the main secret for the success of Germany while most all other nations where deep in the depression. The International Jewish money powers could not allow this to go on for an extended amount of time, so they laid the foundation for WWII and used Great Britain, the USA and the Soviet Union to beat Germany into submission. The demonization of Germany during the war was put on overdrive after their defeat so that no one would ever discover the real truth for why the allies HAD to fight and defeat Germany.


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