Jewish Anti-Germanism Before WWII: The Real Hate Criminals

Editor’s Note:  (Above picture:  German SS soldiers lie murdered in cold blood by American troops at Dachau). The following quotes are from prominent Jewish leaders, all proclaiming death and destruction to Germany.  It is important to note that they make no distinction between Hitler and Germany in their condemnation, and that is why Operation Valkyrie was an idiotic plan because the perpetraitors actually thought that if they eliminated Hitler, they would be able to negotiate with the allies.  It was never about Hitler, it was always about stopping Germany, primarily for abolishing their Rothschild central bank and replacing it with a German state bank backed not by gold, but by the work and talent of the German people. “Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. But we, {England}, declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentlessly pursued now, only under a different label.” (Ashamed and Humiliated The British Attorney General, Sir Hartle Shawcross, said in a speech at Stourbridge, March 16/84 (AP))

These quotes show extreme hatred that is unjustfied given, that Germany had always been good to the Jews, and were more “progressive” than most other European nations.  Any time someone repeats the baseless mantra, “Germany hated the Jews for no reason!”, please show them one or more of these quotes.

Evidence of Jewish Anti-Germanism

“The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.” – Daily Express, March 24, 1933

“All Jews world wide — declared war on the Third Reich.” (The London Daily Express, Front Page Story, 3/24/1933).

jewsdeclarewar“Judea declares War on Germany.” (Daily Express, March 24, 1934)

“The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.” (The Jewish newspaper, Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland, September 13, 1939)

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

“Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her. It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.” 

– Bernard Lecache, President of the World Jewish League

800px-1940-04-23_-_The_Vancouver_Sun_-_'War_to_Death_Against_All_German_People'“Our fight against Germany must be carried to the limit of what is possible. Israel has been attacked. Let us, therefore, defend Israel! Against the awakened Germany, we put an awakened Israel. And the world will defend us.” (Jewish author Pierre Creange in his book Epitres aux Juifs, 1938)

Morgenthau-plan_germany_is_our_problem.jpg“Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30-year War.” (Das Morgenthau-Tagebuch, The Morgenthau Dairy, p. 11).

“The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)

JewryGermanyWW2truthMeme“Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this sacred war should do so now and here. It is not sufficient that you should buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods or who patronises German ships or shipping…. we will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.”
– Samuel Undermeyer, in a Radio Broadcast on WABC, New York, August 6, 1933. Reported in the New York Times, August 7, 1933

Samuel Untermeyer was a Jewish leader and close friend of presidents Wilson and Roosevelt. Bernard Baruch (Jew) was a presidential adviser to Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman.

BernardbaruchJoining with Samuel Untermeyer in calling for a war against Germany, Bernard Baruch, at the same time, was promoting preparations for war against Germany:

“I emphasised that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit.” – Baruch, The Public Years, by Bernard M. Baruch, p.347.

“…Jabotinsky insisted that all energies be expended to force the Congress to join the boycott movement. Nothing less than a ‘merciless fight’ would be acceptable, cried Jabotinsky:

‘The present Congress is duty bound to put the Jewish problem in Germany before the entire world…(We [Jews] must) destroy, destroy, destroy them, not only with the boycott, but politically, supporting all existing forces against them to isolate Germany from the civilized world…our enemy [Germany] must be destroyed.” (Speech by Vladimir Jabotinsky, a Polish Jews, on June 16, 1933)


“For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community, at each conference, in all our syndicates, and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany. Collectively and individually, the German nation is a threat to us Jews.”

– Vladimir Jabotinsky (founder of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934 (also quoted in Histoire de l’Armée Allemande by Jacques Benoist-Mechin, Vol. IV, p. 303).

165961_900“Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon.”

– Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934 (also quoted in his book The New Holy Alliance)

“We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany.”

3a00e8fd6914720db3211cd60cbb839c– David A. Brown, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934 (quoted in I Testify Against The Jews by Robert Edward Edmondson, page 188 and The Jewish War of Survival by Arnold Leese, page 52).\

“This declaration called the war against Germany, which was now determined on, a ‘holy war’. This war was to be carried out against Germany to its conclusion, to her destruction” (Diese Erklärung nannte den Krieg gegen Deutschland, der nun beschlossen sei, einen heiligen Krieg. Dieser Krieg müsse gegen Deutschland bis zu dessen Ende, bis zu dessen Vernichtung, geführt werden). – Dr. Franz J. Scheidl, Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands.


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  1. Thanks for posting this collection of quotes. Jewish villainy must be exposed. The crimes of the Jews cry out to Heaven for justice.

    One important thing to note is that the Jews exhorted non-Jews to fight this war against Germany and told these non-Jews that “we will be with you in spirit, but it is our fight.” The non-Jews fight and die for the Jews’ war, but the instigators of the war are at a safe distance from the battlefields. The Jews, to hide their villainy, burden the world with their holocaust tale, which is a monstrous lie.

  2. The Zionist Jews do not fight in the wars started by them they get the American and British to fight there dirty wars for them who end going home maimed and in body bags These parasites are to clever by far.

  3. i wonder will jews help destroying Israel in the war that must come to free the world from blackmail, Before we get a killing like they did in Russia before ww2thats why hitler went russia to stop them from coming to the west

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