JEWISH MAFIA – The Great International Predators

By Hervé Ryssen. Translated by Carlos Whitlock Porter.

Here it is, between two covers for the very first time—a comprehensive look at the Jewish mafia from the earliest times until today.

Meticulously detailed and documented largely from Jewish sources, this book is a fearless examination of organized Jewish criminality in all parts of the world, with an astonishing catalog of serious crimes.

arton45623-4b519The author, Hervé Ryssen, has been jailed 13 times for writing seven books. His most recent conviction in 2015, for which he received three months hard time, came simply as punishment for the original cover to this book (a stock illustration of 1930s gangsters with a list of their crimes—arms dealing, racketeering, contract murder, drug dealing, money laundering, pimping, casinos, pornography, kidnapping, burglary, armed robbery, diamond swindles, white slaving, smuggling, African slave trading, trafficking in stolen artwork etc.). That cover has changed to the one you see here.

Now expanded, updated and revised, perhaps the most shocking chapters of the book are those dealing with forced prostitution in Israel, international organ trafficking and the organ transplant industry.




We all “know” about the Mafia. We “know” it is primarily Sicilian. We “know” it has lost a lot of its influence on the world around us. We may even “know” that there are “Russian” or “Chechen” or “Asian” or “Colombian” organized crime syndicates. But is what we “know” really true? Or is all of it a clever deception employed by the real mafiosi to hide their actual identity? And do their co-tribalists in the mass media collaborate in the charade through deliberate falsehoods? Who are the true criminals?

Jewish_Mafia_Cover_2018-e1518460066104The Jewish Mafia is a book containing the sort of knowledge that gets people killed—particularly if they are muckraking journalists. That is not an exaggeration. More than one investigative reporter has died from “too much information” and an “excessive curiosity” about the doings of one of the most brutal, most ruthless and most deadly global criminal organization ever to exist: the selfsame Jewish mafia.

“What is this ‘Jewish’ mafia?” you may ask. “I’ve never heard of it before.” Sure, there have been swindlers like Bernie Madoff, former bootleggers like the Bronfman family or a few unscrupulous rabbis who traded in human body parts.  But a true Jewish mafia?

Indeed, there is one, although nowadays even most Jews in America are ignorant of it. And it is one of the oldest and most pervasive crime syndicates, at that. It is, moreover, to the great honor of Hervé Ryssen, a Frenchman born in 1967, that he has assembled in a single volume one of the most comprehensive overviews of Jewish criminality ever published. And it is to the credit of Carlos W. Porter, as well, that he has produced the English translation. There are not a few individuals who would like the facts contained in Ryssen’s book to disappear down the “memory hole.”

But isn’t Ryssen’s work just “virulent anti-Semitism”? It’s just so much Jew-baiting hate speech, right? Wrong. The author has compiled the thousands of facts in his book primarily from Jewish sources—including some the Tribe does not want non-Jews to read. And in so doing, he manifests to the reader some of the key reasons why Jews historically have earned the contempt of nearly every people among whom they have lived.

kosher_nostra2It is not just Jewish separatism and racialism, or their peculiar customs and religious practices, that have led to the expulsion of the formerly “Chosen People” from almost every nation at some point. Far from it. Rather, it is the centuries-long Jewish practices of exploiting the rest of the human race and degrading it below the level of animals that earn the Judaic people the enmity of others: gambling, robbery, swindling, murder, rape, drugs, abortion, pornography, white slavery, prostitution, human trafficking, sodomy and nearly every other conceivable vice.

Of course, we know that not all Jews engage in or support this sort of criminality. Many are decent, ordinary people. But nearly all enable the continuation of such barbarism by covering it up and failing to confront and end it, out of fear of new “pogroms” or an exaggerated sense of ethnic solidarity.

Consequently, the anti-Jewish backlash turns out much greater, and that peculiar race is punished even more severely. Such are the results of cultural paranoid psychosis.

Ryssen begins his account with the development of the mafia in America, which evolved, especially in New York City, out of the gangsterism of the late 19th century into what truly was “organized crime.” Of course, the story of the Sicilians and Calabrians is familiar, and they have their place in this story, too.

1133But after the War Between the States, the late 1800s saw a massive emigration of Jews from Galicia and the Pale of Settlement—today’s Poland, Ukraine and Russia —to America. They had made themselves unwelcome among the Slavs because of their “business” activities and personal habits. Two million thus traveled to the U.S. and brought their particular “skills” with them. Most settled in New York City.

At first, as with the Italians and Irish, crime was the work of individuals or small gangs: theft, murder for hire, arson (“Jewish lightning”) and, when hired by wealthier German Jewish businessmen from uptown, skull-splitting strikebreaking and union-busting.

TMM15005-533x400_WebAssets_ArnoldRArnold Rothstein was the first crime boss—the first “godfather” in New York. Unlike most mafiosi, who were from poorer circumstances, he was the son of a Jewish millionaire. When Rothstein married a non-Jew, the family declared him “dead,” and he thenceforward devoted himself to his passions.

He did not lead his gangs himself, but he became the eminence grise [“gray eminence”—power behind the throne—Ed.] of the underworld, its organizer. He settled conflicts, supplied money, manpower and protection, and then—when things went wrong—bail money and lawyers. In New York, which was already one of the biggest Jewish cities in the world in 1920, Arnold Rothstein built a gambling empire. . . . Among his regular clients of his [casino] establishment were . . . personages such as Joseph Seagram, the “Canadian” whisky baron . . . or Harry “Sinclair,” the oil magnate.

Rothstein was also involved in the drug trade (opium and cocaine) and horse breeding.1

Rothstein was not alone, of course.  There were others of greater or lesser infamy: Charles “King” Salomon, Longy Zwillman, Meyer Lansky, Arthur Flegenheimer (better known as “Dutch Schultz”), Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and Louis “Lepke” Buchalter—one of New York’s “Jewish Big Six.” There were the Torah Nostra, the Purple Gang in Detroit, the Cleveland Four and “Murder, Incorporated.” Over the first half of the 20th century, Jewish organized crime spread from East Coast to West Coast in America and over the borders, too. Many people do not realize that the Jews gradually muscled the Italians out of leadership in the Chicago mafia.

TMM15005-533x400_WebAssets_SiegelTwo events occurred in the 1920s that changed the face of gangsterism. In 1925, Benito Mussolini set about eliminating the mafia from Italy, and very effectively, too. A number of criminals fled to the U.S. In fact, Mussolini was so successful at the project that exiled mafiosi in America voluntarily provided “security” at U.S. ports during World War II and, along with their counterparts back in Sicily, provided critical intelligence and assistance in the Allied invasion of Sicily—all in order to be rid of Mussolini. (Jewish mobsters were similarly “patriotic” and “anti-fascist.”)

The second thing to occur was a conference of major crime bosses in Atlantic City in 1929. Charles “Lucky” Luciano was the first Sicilian to cooperate with the Jewish mafia. The “Catholic” Italians traditionally abhorred the Jewish gangsters, whom they considered to be untrustworthy and without the least sense of honor. At Atlantic City, Luciano and the five Sicilian crime families, and Meyer Lansky and the Jewish gangs set up a “syndicate” with a board of directors. In order to expand their “business,” instead of killing each other, they established an organization which divvied up territories and types of criminal activity among the various bosses. Each group could also hire the services of the other gangs, and the seven board directors resolved disputes. The board also had sole authority to permit reprisal killings of rule-breakers.

This was the beginning of truly “organized crime.” Ryssen traces for us its development, the major players, the rivalries and personalities, and the key events. It takes a strong stomach to read about the Black Dahlia murder, for example, but Ryssen lays the responsibility at the feet of one of the time’s leading Jewish mafia bosses, who was trying to frame his rival.

The author also describes how these Jewish criminals gained control of innumerable businesses, legitimate or not so legitimate. We learn about the rise of gambling in Las Vegas, which was always a project of the Jewish mafia, and how the Jewish mobs gained control of Los Angeles, Hollywood and the film industry.

murderincwsjuishguysThese same felons were also convinced Zionists, and even sometimes Judaist religious practicants, who contributed vast sums of money and smuggled a huge volume of weapons to Jewish terrorists in Palestine, as their contribution to the establishment of the state of Israel.

But that is not all there is to Jewish mafias, which are a vast network of criminal organizations around the world, all of which have been intertwined with one another in varying degrees through numerous decades. Nevertheless, as Ryssen recounts, “cosmopolitan” Jewish intellectuals and media moguls studiously deceive non-Jews, especially in America, into believing that these mafiosi are not Jewish at all but white Aryans!

In more recent decades, at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and thanks in no small part to Jewish control of Western governments and mass media, we heard about the rise of the “Russian” mafia and “Russian” oligarchs. This was another ruse by world Jewry, which adopted the Israeli practice of calling Jews from Russia, well, “Russians.”

While no mafia group is ever exclusively comprised of one ethnic or racial group, we typically describe it according to its region of activity: Sicilian, Russian, Chechen, Asian or, in the case of the illegal drug trade, the “French Connection.” It is nearly incredible, however, that one group always comes to dominate the others, yet is not generally publicly known.

Ryssen quotes Jacques Attali, a former advisor to two French presidents: “Among Jews, as always, they don’t do things by halves: If they’re going to be criminals, they might as well be the best.”2

Ryssen explains:

A greed for profit and the love of riches are surely two of the most characteristic features of the Jewish community; it is for precisely these features that the Jews are most frequently caricatured. It is certain that the Jews, who did not believe in hell, or any other kind of afterlife, or in reincarnation, were also less restrained by moral obligations than other peoples of the Earth, and are more inclined to ‘lay up treasures on Earth’—i.e., to invest at interest in their brief Earthly sojourn.3

quote-russia-s-biggest-problem-is-organized-crime-and-its-leaders-are-influenced-by-the-russian-david-duke-98-8-0859Following the Soviet collapse, Western Jewish plutocrats, like Henry Kissinger and George Soros, pushed the immediate “privatization” of Russian business, manufacturing and natural resources. This played right into the hands—no doubt, intentionally—of “Russian” Jews, who were already gaining control of those key market sectors—and also the military—in the final years of communist rule. The latter were, at least in some cases, already involved in criminal enterprises. “Privatization” is always a code word for transfer of wealth to Jewish hands.

In the early 1990s, under alcoholic Russian President Boris Yeltsin, a small number of Jewish criminal types were able to become billionaires almost overnight through not only the usual tactics of organized crime, which controlled the country at that time, but also through stunningly brash stock swindles and other illegal business activities, as well as massive bribery and appointments to government offices, and even war. At least one purchased his own submarine, and some traded in Russian military weapons and ships.

Ryssen’s account of the exploits of Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky and a handful of others must be read to be believed. Through fraud, intimidation and murder, a dozen or so men, often holding dual Israeli citizenship as a “get out of jail free card,” plundered the Russian nation and the former Soviet-bloc countries of most of their wealth and natural resources, leaving the Russian and Eastern European peoples in poverty so abject that a massive, Jewish-run, interna­tional white slavery operation grew up, as desperate Slavs tried to escape by answering phony advertisements for working abroad, or by simply prostituting themselves at home.  Numberless Russians died or were killed.

The depth of poverty Russians experienced at that time, because of the Jewish mafia, has only been equaled or surpassed by Weimar Germany, the Ukrainian famine under Stalin and in present-day Ukraine under the rule of Jewish oligarchs. All have been thanks to the Tribe.

Ironically, the Jewish oligarchs/mafia bosses helped put current President Vladimir Putin into power, believing him a faithful tool. But Putin entered upon a nationalist program that imprisoned or expelled all of them who refused to put the Russian people first, while he regained control of Russian business, media and resources for the Russian nation.

These suddenly dethroned, would-be “Russian” rulers—at least the ones who managed to escape to “exile,” like Khodorkovsky, positioned themselves, in typical Jewish fashion, as innocent victims, “human rights activists” and “freedom fighters” against Putin’s “communist corruption.” The Zionist-run Western media and politicians support this ruse, as Khodorkovsky and other oligarchs openly plot the overthrow of Putin. Khodorkovsky even fancies he will rule Russia.

Thus, The Jewish Mafia is a critical tool to understand “Western,” i.e., Jewish, hatred for Russia.


The book further reveals the insidious spread of Jewish mafia groups across the world, into dozens of countries and every continent except Antarctica. Some of the personalities will surprise you. Others may not surprise, like Marc Rich, the super-wealthy donor to Bill Clinton, but their connections are revealing. Guess who was involved in the “Colombian” cocaine trade, or who was tied to drug kingpin Pepe Escobar, who was hooked in with George H. W. Bush, the CIA and the Iran-Contra scandal? Who completely controls trafficking in the drug called ecstasy? And who do you suppose bribed Abe Foxman, the apostate Catholic, Jewish former head of the Anti-Defamation League, to provide favorable publicity to cover his wrongdoing?

jewish-mafiaMost stunning of all is that all criminal roads lead to Israel, which is the center of global Jewish criminal activity, due to the “Jewish right of return” and a nearly total lack of laws against many of the criminal activities favored by the “Israelites.” Jewish criminals inevitably seek asylum from the Zionist state and are rarely refused. Many leading Israeli officials are paid off by Jewish mafiosi, and you need to know who.

There are many people, both Jews and their non-Jewish apologists, who whirl like dervishes, attempting to deny Jewish criminality or pin blame on white people through clever propaganda. Yet Ryssen’s numerous Jewish sources tell a different tale. Of course, not all Jews are criminals. But there is absolutely no segment of Jewry which is not involved directly in the most heinous criminal activity: Ashkenazic or Sephardic; religious or secular; Hasidic, Orthodox or non-observant; poor or wealthy; politicians, accountants, filmmakers, casino magnates, garment-makers, restaurateurs, lawyers and rabbis.

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  1. I used to think people like you were hateful antisemites. Now I realize you are telling the astonishing truth, and that even Jews need to be aware of this because even Jews are not immune to their Zionist agenda. Sacrificing fellow Jews is no big deal when you have a larger agenda ahead of you.

    1. Great comment, thank you for it. I remember when I first broke the spell of the Holocaust on myself. Prior to that I viewed holocaust revisionists on the same level as a serial killer. That is how powerful Jewish black magic is. Holocaustianity is a cult, just like Corona virus is now.

  2. The one thing I see on your site I disagree with is who Hitler was. In my reading, Hitler was a descendant of the Rothschild. Hitler was a double agent in my opinion. He was a hard core Zionist, and much like Trump, only pretended to be a nationalist. Hitler mentioned trying to usher in the New World Order. Hitler also tried to change the Protestant bible to exclude the Old Testament and the writings of Paul the apostle whose job was to usher in the priesthood of all believers. This job Paul was given was the end of God dealing exclusively with the Jews as His chosen people with which he was attempting to reach the world. The “Shoah” was a sacrifice the Zionists were willing to make in order to begin their Satanic Zionist State of Israel. They did not care if they sacrificed their own people, and they especially didn’t care how many other people would lose their lives. Hitler didn’t fight Communists. Hitler was a Communist dressed up as a Nationalist so that they could play out their Hegellian dialectic. They have to be in control of both sides. I wish Christians would wake up to the fact that Trump is a clandestine Communist. He was married to two Jews, his kids are Jews, Israel loves him so much they made a coin after him and named a city after him in the Golan heights as well. Trump in my opinion is crypto, and he served the same function as Hitler. Controlled opposition.

    1. There are numerous articles that have exposed this fraud. There is no evidence that he was an agent, a jew, or a Rothschild. It sound like you are reading Jew Bejerkness or listening to Alex Jones, both 80%, 20% disinfo agents. Like I said, many reputable historians have already debunked this. If you are unware, start here with Mike King: He even offers a $500 reward to anyone who can disprove him, good luck, but so far he has had to pay no one.

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