“Other Losses” One-Hour Documentary Film on DVD By James Bacque

After the Second World War, the Allies betrayed their own civilizing values – the Atlantic Charter, the Four Freedoms, and the Geneva Convention, destroying the moral worth of their great victory along with their victims. More German people were killed by allied action after the war than died during the war.

At the same time leaders Herbert Hoover in the USA and P.M. Mackenzie King in Canada ran a massive food relief campaign that fed the world, finally including their former enemies. Hundreds of millions of lives were saved from death by starvation.

Never had such vengeance been committed; never had such mercy been shown.

This film, based on James Bacque’s books, Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies, uses eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence to tell the story accurately and compassionately.

The world-wide best-seller book Other Losses has become a one-hour documentary film which you can buy right now right here in a brand-new DVD suitable for North American TVs and computers. The DVD is playable in either English or German. As bonus material, the text, in English and German, of  James Bacque’s speech at the Gesellschaft fuer Freie Publizistik (the Society for Free Expression) at Kirchheim in May 2014 is available as a PDF for computers.

“Serious and interesting…” – Richard Overy, Best-selling historian published by Oxford University Press


This is the most accurate film ever about the allied vengeance against Germany after World War Two.


For Europeans, a PAL version of the DVD is available from kyffhaeuser-verlag.de in Germany.

Listen to James Bacque talk about his latest documentary on Red Ice Radio:


To purchase the documentary, go here: http://www.jamesbacque.com/books-films/other-losses-one-hour-documentary-film-on-dvd

Also, don’t forget to read the book the documentary is based on, found at James Bacque’s website and Amazon:  http://www.jamesbacque.com/books-films/other-losses


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